6 Essentials For Your New Puppy

Thinking about getting a furry little bundle of joy? Here are my top 6 puppy essential products that I couldn’t live without from one puppy mummy to another!

Urine Destroyer – I hate to tell you, but accidents are going to happen…lots of them! Even if you have hard floors make sure to pick up some urine destroyer to truly get rid of the scent left behind by puppy wees…and other things! Invest in a bulk load of kitchen roll and be prepared to use it. Pets at Home sell a number of different scents of urine destroyer so if they’re on offer then stock up and try a few! It will be the best thing you ever spend your money on for your pup, trust me!

Chew Stopper – If you think you’re getting away without any damage you’ve got another thing coming – puppies chew everything when they’re teething. EVERYTHING! These bottles of chew stopper contain a vile tasting spray that is safe to use around your home to put them off gnawing on your treasured possessions. I went through an entire bottle in three weeks – it’s a god send. Re-apply liberally and make sure to wash your hands after because it really does taste horrid!

Poo Bags(with handles!) – This seems like a no brainer but make sure you get the bags with handles…you’ll thank me later! Buy in bulk because they’re something you’re always going to need. Even though you will find them in every single pocket of shorts, jeans and pjs!

Chew Toys – Teething puppies need to chew, so if you don’t want them chewing your things (or you) then make sure to pick up a good selection of soft and hard toys. Pets at Home have a special puppy toy section which is great for finding bits that are baby teeth safe like puppy nylabones, knotted soft toys or smaller ropes. Always have a toy handy to swap for your arm with a nibbly pup around! Toby loves his puppy nylabone and his bear with a rope skeleton.

A Hard Bed – They don’t look as fancy or even as comfortable as the soft and squishy beds you see in the store but buying a hard bed is safest for your pup as there’s less chance of them chewing through and swallowing something they shouldn’t. Line with something like a strip of vet bed padding which is brilliant for any night time accidents and you’re good to go – no need to worry about eating stuffing or ripping it apart.

(Copper Dog Bowl | eBay £5.99)

Puppy Specific Food – There are so many types of food you can get for your pup but whichever brand you choose do make sure that it’s for pups. There are extra added bits in there to help little bones develop and it’s going to make sure your growing doggy gets everything they need. I spoke to some of the staff at Pets at Home who helped choose the right food and even explained that as dogs can’t taste the different flavours in their food you’re better to stick with one flavour despite it seeming boring! It’s also good if they develop an allergy as you can pinpoint exactly what it is and quickly.

Any puppy essentials you couldn’t live without? Leave me a comment down below!


*Post in collaboration with Pets at Home where I got all my puppy essemtials!

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