UKlash Vs The Ordinary Lash Serum – Do They ACTUALLY Work?!

uklash, ordinary lash serum
uklash, ordinary lash serum

UKlash serum vs The Ordinary Lash Serum – do they ACTUALLY work and which one should you buy?

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We’ve all seen lash serums on the market claiming to lengthen and add volume to your natural lashes. But with prices fetching up to £100 a tube…do they actually work?! And if so, how much do you really need to spend to get results?

I bought two different lash serum brands to test them out and see which one (if any) actually worked!

Now I don’t know about you, but as much as I’d love longer lashes, I don’t have upwards of £70 disposable cash to be spending on a lash serum. So for me, testing out a serum like Revitalash for £89 just isn’t sustainable for me…no matter how long it makes my lashes grow!

I decided to test out one of the more affordable options on the lash growths serum market, UKlash. Coming in at around £37 (although I got mine for £34 on offer) its practically a bargain compared to the bigger brands. But does it really work? And how does it fair next to an even cheaper lash serum like the new The Ordinary Lash Serum for £12.40?

UKLash Vs The Ordinary Lash Serum

I gave both lash serums it’s own test – one on each eye, applied at night for 2 months. You can use these both morning and night but I wanted to be realistic because I knew once a day was probably all I was going to be able to muster regularly. And ideally you should wait 12 weeks for the results but I got these after just 8 so here we are!

Here are some oh so flattering photos of my lashes before I started using anything. My left eye is slightly fuller than the right but both are pretty short and stubby! Just to show you what we’re working with…

SIDE NOTE: Turns out it’s REALLY hard to take up close photos of your own eyes so sorry about that!

I used The Ordinary Lash Serum (£12) on my left eye (left side) and UKlash (£37) on my right eye (right side). Here are my results after 8 weeks simply applying once at night (on the left), and then with some mascara on (on the right) so you can see the full length.

uklash, ordinary lash serum

I have to admit I was really hoping The Ordinary Lash Serum would be the winner because we all love a bargain, but UKlash won by a country mile…look at that length! I’m amazed, they touch my eyebrows! I feel like the ordinary serum made my lashes a little thicker and helped fill in some gaps but they can’t compete with the length of uk lash!

Results aside, I also preferred the application of the UKlash serum as the brush was thinner and longer. I found it a lot easier to sweep across and accurately get the product where I needed it.

I have quite sensitive eyes and neither of the serums irritated me which I’m really pleased about. And I found after a few days it just became part of my beauty routine to sweep on the serum after cleansing before bed. Not an annoyance at all and something I could easily just keep using. I’m nowhere near empty on either tube so each one will lash you at least 3 months applying once a day.

I also used both of the serums on my brows at the same time and I think you can see the difference in those too! Both serums definitely provoked a bit of growth in some of the thinner part of my brows, but I feel like The Ordinary serum made the most difference for me so I’m going to keep using that on my brows!

The Verdict

UKlash is our winner and I have to say I am genuinely impressed. I honestly didn’t think they’d actually work but here we are.

Don’t forget your lashes grow and fall out in a cyclical nature, so if you stop using the serums and leave your new long lashes to fall out, the new cycle will simply grow back in as normal….I guess it’s a good thing we’re not spending £80 a pop then!

Buy the UK Lash Serum HERE

Buy The Ordinary Serum HERE

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