About Me


Well hello there new person!

My name’s Amelia and I’m the owner and editor of xameliax.com, my (not so little anymore) luxury lifestyle blog that’s been around since 2009!


I’m a full-time luxury lifestyle blogger and youtuber and I’m living out my dream one day at a time. After graduating from university with a bachelor of science in Psychology I embarked on a 5 year career in recruitment running a little blog alongside in my spare evenings and weekends. As my blog grew and grew I decided to start a youtube channel to go along with it and in 2015 my dream of taking them full-time became a reality. I’m now a fully fledged luxury lifestyle blogger and youtuber and I still have to pinch myself every day.

In my spare time I spend the days eating out, going to the theatre, travelling around the UK and rest of the world, kickboxing, sewing, reading and just generally enjoying life. I’m also partial to a night in comfy pjs with a glass of NZ sauvignon blanc and a good film or two!


xameliax is a place for people who enjoy the finer things in life and don’t mind saving up to get them whilst keeping up a good life balance. Here you’ll find reviews of new beauty products, amazing places to explore and stay, delicious restaurants to visit, easy to make recipes and cocktails, theatre reviews, life friendly fitness tips, wearable fashion, interior design and a good old dose of everyday life.

I also have a Youtube channel for tutorials, weekly vlogs, travel adventures, tags and more!


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PR Friendly – email me at xameliaxblogs@gmail.com with any PR, project or sponsorship inquiries.

Welcome to my little part of the internet!


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