Testing the New Primark Period Pants…but are they any good?!

Primark period pants review

Primark Period Pants – An Honest and Unfiltered Review

Stop the press! Primark have joined the period underwear revolution with their very own range of reusable period pants!

You know how much we love period pants here on xameliax. Reviewing the best period pants out there, showing how to wash them, figuring out how many pairs you need and more. I just think they’re great and they’ve completely changed my periods for the better! 

But there’s no denying that the initial cost of this amazing menstrual invention can be a little daunting. So the prospect of a cheaper alternative is always something I get excited about!

*Although I will say that my favourite pairs have been used for a year so far and are still as good as new. So even though they’re expensive at first, they do save you money in the long run as well as saving the planet!

Coming in at £13 for 3 pairs we just had to test the new Primark period pants out and see if we can give them a seat at the table…here’s how I got on…

Primark period pants

WATCH: Primark Period Pants Review

The Verdict

I’m gutted! I was really rooting for these to work and be a cheaper alternative to my favourite pants, but sadly they just didn’t. With leaks, poor quality materials and a terrible fit, their hipster style is just not the one. However the bigger (but sadly not as absorbent) midi style could be a good option for due-on days or the final super light/spotting days at the end, or even as a backup for a cup of tampon.

I guess overall I can’t be surprised at the result but I’m definitely disappointed none the less. Still nothing has come close to taking Modibodi’s crown but we shall keep looking!

Have you tried Primark’s Period Pants yet? What was your experience?

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