How To Make Friends With Vampires

Bringing Your Shame Out Of The Shadows

A self-guided e-course on releasing inner guilt and shame.
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It's time to identify your inner shame

We all make mistakes; they’re inevitable. Our past experiences and beliefs combined with the emotions we feel all come together to shape how we see ourselves. Occasionally, we get things wrong and can be left with deep feelings of guilt. These feelings might pass, and we may be able to move on unscathed, but often, they can sink deeper, turning into shameful feelings that not only affect our behaviour but can also begin to shape the way we see ourselves as a person.


Unresolved shame can cause low self-esteem, defensiveness, depressive feelings, and toxic behaviour…it’s pretty nasty stuff.


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We all have a shame vampire sulking around in the shadows of our minds! They embody all of our repressed shame and uncomfortable feelings, and left unspoken about, they will suck away our happiness from the inside.

It’s time to bring them out of the shadows of our minds, show them a little love and take back control of our lives!

How to Make Friends with Vampires will give you the tools to identify your inner shame and create a workable plan to overcome those feelings and live a happier, guilt-free life.


You are in the right place if...

"It's like therapy in your pocket!"

This course doesn’t just throw information at you leaving you with more questions than when you started. It holds your hand through the process of both learning AND application, helping you not only understand what shame is, but also identify your own shame too. 

Forget those stuffy self-help books you see collecting dust on the shelf
How to Make Friends with Vampires is a self-led personal therapy course that helps you understand your specific feelings and behaviours.

It gives you the tools to not only work through past and current trauma, but also sets you up with solid techniques to process and overcome future feelings LIKE A BOSS


Using techniques found in CBT therapy, we’ll work to uncover the root cause of your own personal shame, unpack it and overcome it, one step at a time.

Offering practical solutions and fun interactive exercises, How to Make Friends with Vampires will help release you from the inner guilt and shame that’s holding you back and change your mindset around shame forever.


This course can be completed with just 1 hour a week over 3 weeks. 

Fun, in your face and interactive, How to Make Friends with Vampires spins shame on its head with a unique and exciting way of dealing with these often hard to tackle feelings. It gives you the tools to work through any past or current shame and the power to tackle future feelings once and for all!

It’s an investment into a freer, happier, more contented you.

About the author

Amelia is a full-time creator living in the Midlands, UK. With a degree in psychology, diploma in counselling and a life coaching qualification under her belt, Amelia has spent the last 11 years inspiring people online with her down to earth posts, videos and articles.

Ever since she was little Amelia has had an interest in the human psyche with a thirst for knowledge about why we feel and behave the way we do. She believes that armed with the knowledge about why we think the way we do, we can all learn to control our negative emotions and work towards a happier life.

Inspired by her own inner work, Amelia realised that a lot of her emotional unrest kept coming back to the integral theme of guilt and shame, so she set out to devise a method to not only help us understand those emotions, but also take control of them once and for all!

Amelia’s first book, How to Make Friends with Vampires: Bringing Shame out of the Shadows gives us the tools and the permission to live the life we deserve without shame.

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