10 Adorable Pregnancy Announcements with Dogs You NEED to See!

Pregnancy Announcement Book Cover

10 Adorable Pregnancy Announcements with Dogs To Inspire You!

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When it was time for us to share our pregnancy announcement with the world I just knew our little dog Toby needed to be star of the show! I mean come on, what’s cuter than having your fur baby announce the arrival of your new baby?!

I found myself scouring Pinterest and google images for pregnancy announcements with dogs that would suit us and I came across SO MANY adorable ideas it was hard to choose! So I thought I’d pop together a little post with my favourite pregnancy announcements with dogs that I found online and our own special announcement too, to help inspire you when it’s time to share your news!

Let’s take a look at these 10 absolutely adorable ideas…and grab some free serotonin from these gorgeous photos too!

1. Read All About It!

Pregnancy Announcements with Dogs

Dog reading a book pregnancy announcement by xameliax

For our very special announcement I designed a book cover to do all the talking for us! I simply printed it off, wrapped it around a book from our shelf and had Toby sit behind with an adorable pair of glasses on. Doesn’t he look so cute?!

This is such a lovely and subtle way to announce if you didn’t want to share a photo of your baby’s scan or your bump.

How to Recreate This Pregnancy Announcement Idea:

Step 1: Create your book cover!

I have a digital download of my announcement book cover that’s completely customizable HERE! Simply download the template and edit your details to make it personal to you! You can change the due date, whether it’s for a brother or sister, the questions on the back and even the breed of dog in the photos!

Take a look HERE and get designing a totally unique and adorable book cover for your special announcement!

Step 2: Print your book cover – either at home or via a local printers and wrap it around a book. Any book will do, you could even take a look in a local charity shop or book swap to find one that’s the right size for you!

Step 3: Bribe your dog with lots of treats to sit still while you grab that special shot!

2. Letter Board Fun!

Letter board pregnancy announcement with dog by @xameliax

Ok, so we were extra and actually did TWO announcements! One for the internet with our super cute book, and this letter board announcement for our friends and family!

How to Recreate This Pregnancy Announcement Idea:

Step 1: Grab a simple letterboard like this one! They’re super cheap and you can use it again and again once baby is here for documenting those special milestones.

Step 2: Pick a message for your pup to share on their letterboard – time to think of your best puppy puns!

Step 3: Get your dog to pose for the shot, or set up your camera on a timer (and a little tripod like this) and jump in the photo with them!

3. Onesie Cuteness!

Baby Onesie pregnancy announcement with dog inspiration by Kelsey Mackenzie and Danielle Moss on Pinterest

Why not use some baby clothes to break your big news to the world! You can even customise the clothes with your dog’s name or face…how cute will baby look in these when they’re born too!

How to Recreate This Pregnancy Announcement Idea:

Simply grab some of your baby’s adorable clothes and lay them out for a photo with your pup! How sweet are these personalised baby grows:

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Pregnancy Announcements with Dogs

BUY: Custom Dog Onesies HERE!

The bonus with this announcement is that you can take another photo when baby is here wearing their little onesie and pop them side by side!

4. Dog Bandana Pregnancy Announcement!

Dog Bandana Pregnancy Announcement photo inspiration: Pinterest

Not only does your little one get some cute new clothes, your fur baby does too! How sweet are these pregnancy announcement dog bandanas and such a wonderful way to share your big news!

How to Recreate This Pregnancy Announcement Idea:

Simply order a pregnancy announcement dog bandana for your pup and pose away! There are some adorable ones on Etsy – like these from as little as £3.50 – that come with a range of different sayings and customisable options. Plus you’re supporting a small business too, win win!

5. Fur Baby & Bump

Pregnancy Bump Pregnancy Announcement with dog photo inspiration: Pinterest

Our dog Toby is forever lying on my bump and listening to baby kicking around in there. So a pregnancy announcement with your bump and dog is a beautiful way to share your news with the world.

How to Recreate This Pregnancy Announcement Idea:

As always, be careful with your dog around your bump. Stay calm and talk quietly when instructing them into position. To re-create that first shot, simply drape a sheet – like this – over your window to diffuse the light, and shoot facing that. These photos look beautiful in black and white and they create the most sultry shadows.

6. The Pawfect Video Announcement!

@ralphtheminicockapoo Every super dog needs a sidekick! 🐶👶🏻⭐️🐾 #dogmom #babyannouncement #firstpregnancy #pregnant #pregnancy #pregnancyannouncement #baby #fypage #dog ♬ Can’t Help Falling in Love – Haley Reinhart

Dog paw reveal pregnancy announcement by @ralphtheminicockapoo

This video is so sweet I could watch it on repeat! What a cute and clever way to share your special news…even if Ralph did try to eat the scan photo at the end there!

How to Recreate This Pregnancy Announcement Idea:

For this one you’re going to need a tripod that allows you to shoot from above hands free. Good news is they’re super cheap and easy to use – something like this would be PERFECT! Simply set up your phone to record top-down and reveal your hands one by one until you get to your beautiful scan photo on the bottom. So easy and shareable with family and friends.

7. Up Up and Away!

Pregnancy Announcement with dog and balloons photo inspiration on Pinterest

Who doesn’t love a bug bunch of balloons to brighten up a picture – this is such a fun way to announce your pregnancy with a dog!

How to Recreate This Pregnancy Announcement Idea:

All you need for this one is a bunch of balloons, your dog and maybe that letter board from earlier (or a chalk board) if you’d like to share a message too! You could even colour co-ordinate your balloons if you know the sex of your little one. How CUTE are these pregnancy balloons with glitter inside?! Just make sure your dog is ok around balloons before shooting any pregnancy announcements with dogs and balloons! You can tie the balloons to your sign not their collar if it worries them.

8. Time to Test!

Pregnancy Announcements with Dogs

Pregnancy Announcement with dog and pregnancy test photo by @xameliax!

Taking it back to where it all started – the test that changed your life! This is a super simple and cost effective pregnancy announcement idea that anyone can do!

How to Recreate This Pregnancy Announcement Idea:

You can use a digital test or a test with lines as a flat lay or propped up next to your pooch with a letterboard sign! If you don’t have your positive test or the battery has run out…you can actually buy them online. Yes, really. The internet is a weird and wonderful place!

9. Big Sibling Vibes

Pregnancy Announcements with Dogs

Big Brother Big Sister dog pregnancy announcement photo inspiration on Etsy

Celebrate your baby and your pup becoming a big brother or sister with this pregnancy announcement! It’s a very important role they’re taking on so we need to make sure the world knows about their promotion!

How to Recreate This Pregnancy Announcement Idea:

BUY: Soon to Be Big Brother/Sister Wooden Sign

There are so many ways to create this pregnancy announcement and you can really make it your own. Take a look at these adorable big brother/sister dog accessories!

Pregnancy Announcements with Dogs

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10. We See You Baby

Pregnancy Announcement with dog and scan photo inspiration on Pinterest

Scan photos are the OG announcement – what better way to share the arrival of a shiny new human than showing them loading in!

How to Recreate This Pregnancy Announcement Idea:

Grab your scan photo, your partner and your pup and get snapping! You can make this as personal as you like integrating things that make your family special. Try to match your outfits to the theme of the photo or to compliment your dog for that perfect aesthetic! Don’t forget a little tripod (and your phone on burst mode) to help you all get in shot together!

Can’t Choose?

Why not combine a mixture of them all! Use some balloons, a letterboard, a big sibling bandana, a onesie AND your scan photo! There are no rules – just be yourself and let your joy shine through.

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