Beautiful Outfits to Hide Your Baby Bump

how to hide a baby bump

How to hide a baby bump until you’re ready to share!

I managed to hide my pregnancy from the internet for 5 whole months before we did the big reveal! But from that first trimester bloating to my bump starting to show around week 16, it wasn’t easy! Now the bumps out of the bag I love nothing more than a bodycon dress to show it off, but until you’re ready to announce your news to the world it can be really daunting finding clothes that cover things up.

Here are my top tips on how to hide a baby bump with outfit ideas for all seasons!

How to Hide a Baby Bump For All Seasons

1. Layers

My first tip for hiding your bump is layers. They really are your best friend for drawing eyes away from that area and also for distracting from any protruding tummies! This style works best in Winter, Autumn & Spring as Summer can get a little hot, but think baggy tshirts/tops, long cardigans, scarves, jumpers and coats that all move differently and create the perfect distraction.

2. Patterns

Busy patterns are a great way to hide a bump as they draw the eye away from the shape that’s underneath. You’re much less likely to see a tummy with a bold pattern around it than you are with block colours. So have some fun and enjoy livening up your wardrobe this way.

3. Darker Colours

Dark colours, especially on the bottom are a fab way to slim things down. Think high waisted dark jeans/shorts, darker paper bag waist trousers or skirts. Bonus points if you pair them with a busy patterned peplum or boxy top and some layers!

4. Skimming Styles

Shape is also important when thinking about how to hide a baby bump. Think loose jumpers, baggy tshirts, peplum tops and fit & flare dresses. All of these tend to skim the tummy area instead of cling to them and help to hide a lot more.

5. Boxy Shapes

Similarly, boxy shapes can be a great way to skim and hide a baby bump. Think wide leg bottoms and boxy tops to create the ‘anti-curve’ shape and go straight up and down. This kind of styling is also very in fashion right now so that’s a bonus! I always thought I had to exentuate my curves to be ‘flattering’ but I LOVE the boxy style these days, it’s just so relaxed but can also be super cool.

6. Blazers & Coats

Another way to hide things you’re not ready for people to see is by using blazers and coats. Again these add extra layers, can draw the eye downwards and give that boxy appearance that takes away from the tummy.

7. Ruffles

Ruffles are a GREAT distraction – especially if you pair them with a busy print! They distract the eye, create movement which can blur out your tummy and create extra bulk to help even out any bumps that are sticking outwards.

8. Tuck It In

And finally don’t forget the power of a front tuck! Especially when paired with a high waist, tucking in your jumper or top can create the illusion of your tummy being smaller than it is and take away the top half of an obvious baby bump!

What are your tips for hiding a pregnancy with your outfits?

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how to hide a baby bump