5 Exciting Things To Do in Grenada for a Day Trip on the Island

things to do in grenada
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Grenada. The Spice Isle of the Caribbean with it’s luscious hilly scenery, white sandy beaches, glorious tropical weather and some of the finest spice, chocolate and rum exports in the world! But what is there to do in this super relaxed country? I’m here to show you 5 exciting things to do in Grenada for your next holiday…or even as a day trip if you’re stopping here on a cruise!

Keep reading to see my top suggestions of things to do in Grenada, a one minute video holiday and also a great resort suggestion with its own mini beach!

5 Exciting Things to Do in Grenada

  1. Make Your Own Chocolate
  2. Swim in the Natural Sulpher Springs of the Rainforest
  3. Go Rum Tasting and enjoy the Local Delicacies
  4. Snorkel with Eagle Rays
  5. Enjoy a Sunset Cruise around the Island

Take a One Minute Holiday to Grenada

Things to do in Grenada
– The Details

things to do in grenada

Bean to Bar Chocolate Making Experience

Grenada is known for it’s cocoa beans, they’re damn good beans ya’ll! There’s currently 5 chocolate producers on the island, and the newest producer – Tri Island Chocolate – has just released a bean to bar chocolate making workshop! During this hour long workshop you’ll learn where chocolate comes from, see the different stages it goes through and then actually get to make your own chocolate bar…well, two in fact!

things to do in grenada

Just a few minutes drive away from the harbour, this Grenada Chocolate Making Experience is one not to be missed – but which three flavours will you put into your chocolate?!

things to do in grenada

Chocolate Making Class in GrenadaTri Island Chocolate
Cost: £31
Time: 1 Hour
Location: Lower Lucas Street, St Georges, Grenada

things to do in grenada

A gentle hike around the Grand Etang Rainforest and Swimming in the Natural Sulpher Springs

On a clear day, why not take a hike up to the Grand Etang Rainforst – meet the local Mona Monkeys, take a look at the stunning views and even bathe in the natural sulpher springs.

Our guide Simon from Hidden Treasures Hikes took us on an amazing half day tour of the rainforest and was super knowledgeable about the flora and fauna of the area around us. We even got to meet a cheeky mona monkey who wanted to climb all over us for bananas!

things to do in grenada
things to do in grenada

The Sulpher Springs were my favourite part of our hike. I could have spent hours sitting in that naturally warm water as it healed my skin and my soul. There was something quite incredible about bathing in a natural spring as the warm rain pattered down and the sounds of the rainforest echoed around us. This is true nature guys and should definitely be on your list of things to do in Grenada – It took my breath away.

TOP TIP: It’s best to wear your swimwear under your clothes, wear closed toe shoes and don’t forget to bring a spare pair of undies and your towel!

Rainforst Hike & Sulpher SpringsHidden Treasures Hikes
Cost: Prices start at £45
Time: 3 hours – whole day tours
Location: Grand Etang Rainforest
Email siothehiker@gmail.com for more details
and other available tours

things to do in grenada

Rum Tasting on the Island…and that top secret under the counter bottle!

Ok, so we can’t come to the Caribbean and not try out some of the local rums! It’s the biggest drink in Grenada and the Grenadians sure know how to party!

Their most famous tipple is the Rivers Overproof rum which comes in at a throat tingling 70% ABV! Tourists have actually been banned from taking it home because of the risk that it might EXPLODE in transit – now that’s what I call a drink!

It’s smokey, it’s strong and it’s not for the fainthearted. But if you like it then they now make a 69% tourist version that you can actually fly home with!

Most bars will be able to talk you through the different rums they have on their counter but also look out for workshops run by your hotel or even the rum booze cruise that leaves from the harbour too!

Not all rums are made the same, but stick them in a Grenadian Rum Punch and you’ll always have a happy glass! When I was in Cuba I fell I love with lots of Rum based drinks, so Rum Punch was my drink of choice ALLL DAY in Grenada.

If you’re really brave, ask a local bar tender for their bottle of under the counter rum or ‘Babash’. This is rum that’s infused with herbs, spices and sometimes scorpions (true story) to create a home made infusion! It’s an interesting one that’s for sure…in an unrelated note, I now seem to have lots of proverbial hairs on my chest!

After The Rum: Oil Down, Fresh Crab and Street Food Vibes

things to do in grenada

The food the food the food – oh wow. Grenadian food is certainly not one to be missed.

Their traditional dish is called Oil Down, a coconut oil curry with dumplings, meat and veg which you can find in certain restaurants if you’re lucky. And the fresh seafood on the island is out of this world too!

BB's Crab Shack Grenada

During your visit you absolutely MUST visit BB’s Crab Shack in the harbour. The crab was insaaaane as was the grilled Barracuda. You’ll often find BB himself wandering around the restaurant, and as it’s right in the harbour you get some lovely sea views.

They also do a very good rum punch too FYI! Tried and tested.

Around the island you’ll also find grilled chicken in jerk sauce, salt fish fritters, callaloo soup (like a kind of spinach), fried plantain, deep fried chicken and so much more! But they also have lots of other options like pizza, burgers and curry if you fancied switching it up a bit. In short, the food situation in Grenada – 10/10.

Snorkelling with Eagle Rays at Aquanauts Grenada

For those who love the ocean, there’s great snorkeling and scuba options in Grenada. We went out on a boat with The Aquanauts from True Blue Bay Resort to swim with Eagle Rays and it was amazing!

under water sculpture park grenada
eagle rays grenada

There’s also lots of diving spots for those more qualified and a underwater sculpture park to swim down and take a look at. The water’s lovely, warm and visibility was great too – we even saw an eel lurking in the coral!

Cost: £40
Time: Afternoon Snorkel Session
Location: True Blue Bay Resort

A Sunset Cruise around the Island

And last but not least – fancy taking a sunset cruise? Sail around the island at dusk, sipping on rum punch, listening to relaxing music and taking in the beautiful views.

We did our sunset cruise with a company called Savvy Sailing who do chartered private cruises in gorgeous vintage boats around the island!

things to do in grenada
savvy sailing grenada, sunset cruise grenada

With the rum punch and local beer flowing, a sunset cruise really is the most relaxing way to take in your evening in Grenada.

With the Savvy Sailing crew you feel safe, relaxed and like a movie star on that beautiful boat bobbing amongst the gentle waves and warm orange glow of the Grenadian sunset. Definitely one for the bucket list!

Sunset Cruise in GrenadaSavvy Sailing
Cost: £35
Time: 2 Hours
Location: St Georges Harbour

Where to Stay in Grenada

If my things to do in Grenada suggestions have tickled your fancy then you’re going to need a place to stay! We spent 4 nights at the beautiful and super relaxed True Blue Bay Resort which is a great base for your island adventures!

true blue bay resort grenada

The Rooms

The new cocoa pods have recently been refurbished at True Blue Bay and are absolutely stunning. Super comfy huge beds, powerful air con, spacious bathrooms, handy kitchenettes and a lovely little sofa area.

I’m a stickler for a comfy bed when I go away due to my dodgy old back, but I slept like a baby every single night at True Blue, it was so comfy.

true blue bay resort grenada

The Pools

True Blue Bay has a few different pools around the resort but my favourite was the pool by the rum shack with sea views and sand surrounding the water. It was serene and felt super exclusive – your own mini beach!

true blue bay resort grenada
true blue bay resort grenada

There is currently a new hotel being built in the distance (December 2019) so the construction from that does spoil the view slightly for now, however on the other side it’s yachts and rippling blue sea water as far as the eye can see!

The Food

There’s something for everyone at True Blue Bay with a varied menu, pizza oven and also themed nights with BBQ grills and local dishes. On Wednesdays the hotel brings in street food vendors from across the island to showcase the traditional food and it’s the talk of the island – don’t miss this one!

carib beer grenada

Breakfast is small but tasty with an omelette station, fresh pastries, coconuts, tea, coffee, fresh fruit and toast. I couldn’t fault the quality of everything we ate at the resort – even their lunch time nibbles were generously portioned and delicious.

Drinks are ok here too! Local beers, Grenadian gin and of course RUM! Orders are dealt with on island time so service is a liiiittle slow, but hey, you’re on holiday – do you have anywhere urgent to be?

true blue bay resort grenada

I hope this has given you some great ideas of things to do in Grenada for your trip! If you’re looking for a relaxed, friendly and beautiful island to visit in the Caribbean, then Grenada is certainly it.

I loved our stay and would 100% head back for a chilled out tropical getaway!



[During my time in Grenada, myself and two other bloggers were hosted by the tourist board to experience some of the exciting things this beautiful island has to offer. Our flights, accommodation and expenses were covered in exchange for an honest blog post about our trip. We received no other payment for coverage and as always, all my opinions and experiences are my own]