The Best Plus Sized Bralette for Comfort AND Support!

plus size bralette

There’s no doubt about it, bras can be pretty uncomfortable especially for us fuller busted ladies – there’s a reason why most of us whip them off as soon as we walk through the door! A bralette is a fantastic option for when you’re lounging around the house and want something a bit more comfortable. But finding a plus size bralette that actually offers good support as well as comfort can be a challenge…until now!

If you’re looking for a comfortable bra to complete your Loungewear look, that will also give you great shape and support, I’ve got you covered…

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The Best Plus Size Bralette for Comfort and Support from Sugar Candy

If you’ve been following xameliax for a while you’ll know that I’ve tried a lot of bras in my time! But this is by far the BEST plus size bralette I’ve found.

You see, Sugar Candy bralettes are specifically designed for fuller bust figures and they give incredible support without any wires whatsoever! They’re also an eco-friendly brand (and have nursing options for my breastfeeding readers out there!)

I love the fact that they use un-airbrushed models on their website with different body shapes and sizes too. Preach.

Let’s have a delve in hall we and chat a bit more…

plus size bralette

Let’s talk sizing:

First things first, sizing. Sugar Candy don’t do traditional 34E/37J sizing, they work on their own size chart. Which I think when you’ve got a fuller bust can sometimes be a bit daunting but don’t worry.

Their size range currently covers 35 cup and band sizes so you can easily take a look at their size chart or do their sizing quiz to find your perfect fit. The quiz told me I needed a medium and it was right!

I’m a bra size 34F and F is the smallest cup size in their range so I just sneak into the Sugar Candy crew! Although having said that, my boobs have fluctuated over the last year between a 34E-F and I’ve been rocking my sugar candy bralette every day without an issue. So there is a little leeway at the lower cup end.

Each bra has 6 hook and eye fastenings on the back band which allows you to adjust the band up to half a size, because bodies change y’all. Plus the back strap is nice and wide for extra comfort.

sugar candy bra review

Support & Separation:

What I like most about these bras is the smoothness of the cups and the fact that you can still see the shape of your boobs underneath. There isn’t a mono-boob in sight and they’re incredibly flattering.

Sugar Candy use sling technology to give their incredible support without any wires – take a look at my video below for an up close look at this, it’s so clever!

They’re not as supportive as a sports bra (it’s still a soft and comfy bralette) but the support it gives without wires really is amazing. There’s no digging in, the band doesn’t ride up and everything stays in place perfectly for me. I reach for them every day instead of my wired bras because they’re just SO comfortable in comparison.

plus size bralette

Each plus size bralette is made with a moisture wicking fabric which makes them a real pleasure to wear – boob sweat be gone! The straps are wide enough so they don’t dig in and the band doesn’t roll up when you’re sat down either. It’s just as comfy at the end of the day as it is at the start.

Sugar Candy also sell a supportive tank top in the range with bra support built in! I love to wear this on warm days around the house or out for a dog walk. It’s incredibly freeing to be able to walk around without a bra but still have that support, I love it.

The top itself is comfy but also slightly compressing so it makes for a REALLY flattering fit and the top half uses the same sling tech as the bralettes so you have the same support!

plus size bralette

The Price:

A Sugar Candy bralette costs £39.90 which considering how much I wear it, how comfy and supportive it is and how well it’s lasted over the last year, I’d say is spot on. They’re an eco brand and they use premium materials to make their bras which means you pay a little bit more than the wasteful mass produced brands, but this way you’re not hurting the planet.

How cool is this: Each bra is knitted to size meaning no waste AND they are Oeko-Tex certified which means that every part of the bra has been deemed ecologically harmless. No nasties rubbing against your skin when you’re wearing it each day and a clean eco-conscious. Their office and warehouse is run on solar energy, all stock is stored in 100% biodegradable bags and they also ship in plastic free packaging. Win win win!

I honestly can’t rave about these plus size bralettes enough – they’re a real game changer for that comfort and support combo. The basic bralette is my favourite and I wear the tank top so much I’m going to have to buy another one!

Watch my video review:

I actually reviewed the Sugar Candy plus size bralette on my youtube channel last year and I’m happy to say that it is STILL my go to every day bralette. They wash so well and are still as good as new despite nearly a year of every day use!

You can grab 10% off your Sugar Candy order with the code ‘xameliax10’ at the checkout!

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