.Perfect Party Hair With Just Two Products | Bed Head Sugar Rush Gift Set. 

I don’t often get invited to last minute parties and not have time to do my hair, usually any events I am invited to come with lots of notice and I’m able to plan outfits and looks well in advance. However I have been caught out on a number of occasions after leaving getting ready a bit too late or lose track of time and have that awful panic of ‘I don’t have time to wash my hair!’. In fact I did the latter last weekend before going out for a birthday dinner and after running round the house like a headless chicken for five minutes thinking there wasn’t enough dry shampoo in the world, I spotted these two products on my dresser and took a gamble. 

Bed Head’s Sugar Rush Gift Set* holds two products that really can save your skin (or hair) for the party season! Sugar Dust is the first volumising powder I’ve ever tried and I’m really impressed with the results. A very strange texture, super lightweight – almost like feathers – and smelling like sherbet! It absorbs any grease or oil in your roots (like a loose dry shampoo) and the fibres give your hair a gigantic boost without feeling sticky or heavy afterwards, I love it. Headrush is a super shine spray to add a bit of gloss after Sugar Rush’s boost! I use it sparingly on the ends of my hair and in the middle where my layers end to help hide any splits and make everything look a bit healthier and it works wonders. 

In just 5 minutes my day old limp hair was transformed into a voluminous messy-on-purpose layered style with great shine and it looked like I’d spent ages on it. I felt great going out even with my un-washed locks and I’ll definitely be reaching for this the next time I’m off out! Such a super gift set for someone with long locks this Christmas too! 

You can find this perfect party gift set for just £15 from Look Fantastic HERE!

Have you tried any volumising powder before? Would this be your kind of pre-party pamper pack? 

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