.Ahmad’s Mint Green Tea.

I was going to review a new tea each week for you all, but i just LOVE this blend of Mint Green Tea* i had to tell you right away!

I’m not usually a fan of mint tea at all. I drink it because it on occasion if i’m feeling a little nauseous and it does help to settle my tummy, but i don’t particularly like the taste as i find it a little bitter. But this tea has changed my mind completely!

I don’t know how Ahmad have done it but this tea doesn’t taste like any mint tea i’ve had before. It has more of a spearmint taste, almost sweet and NO bitter after taste - at all. The colour is a beautiful light browny yellow after infusing for around 3 minutes. It’s great to have found a tea that does you good and tastes really nice! I tend to drink it in the morning or after dinner in the evening and it’s really refreshing. I’m excited to try the others in this box too, there’s just so much choice!

You can find out where to get your hands on this tea right HERE!

What are your thoughts on mint tea?


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