What camera do you use to take your pictures?

I have a Canon 1000D which i use take most of my photos with unless i’m snapping a quick picture then it’s either from my Blackberry Bold or Ipod. If you hover over the bottom left corner of a picture and click the ‘i’ you can see which one i used to take the photo - handy!

Do you wear hair extensions?

Nope, it’s all mine…and a pain in the bum to manage!

How long do your nails take to paint?

Usually about an hour if they’re quite complicated. It’s the drying that takes the time usually!

Where did you get your theme?

It’s one of the standard themes called Stationary. I just fiddled around with the HTML and added some images!

Why do you watermark some of your photos?

My watermark is a recent addition because some of my photos have been taken and not credited properly. I’m not a huge fan of watermarks but i take a lot of pride in my work so it’s a good way for people to know where things came from if credits get lost along the way.

Do you have a youtube channel?

I do indeed, right over HERE where I film hauls, vlogs, favourites videos and more!


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