About me ♥


My name’s amelia, i’m 26 and i live in sunny old England!

By day I work in an office full of wonderful people and share my life with a bearded boy and some very special friends. In my spare time i spend the days eating out, kickboxing, sewing, reading and just generally enjoying life.

I also have a Youtube channel which you can find right over here!

My blog is a place where i write about my life, beauty products i love, clothes i’m wearing, food i’m eating and all the little adventures that take place in-between.

Feel free to ask me anything you like, i love talking to my readers and i answer every question i receive. I try to respond to your comments by using the Disqus feature at the bottom of each post (so do be sure to check back for my replies) and of course any emails the find their way into my inbox!

I also blog on a professional basis so please feel free to email me at xameliaxblogs@gmail.com with any PR, project or sponsorship inquiries.

Welcome to little part of the internet!


(Any views expressed on this blog are those of the author and are in no way associated with any companies or organisations the author may be affiliated with)

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