Does Plump It Lip Plumper Really Work?

Plump It! Lip Plumper Review, Does plump it lip plumper really work
Plump It! Lip Plumper Review, Does plump it lip plumper really work
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Plump it Reviews: Does Plump It REALLY Work?

We’ve all seen the adverts for miracle lip plumpers flooding our Instagram and Facebook feeds claiming to boost the size of your lips without a filler in site!

But all the adverts I’ve seen and the majority of Plump It Reviews I’ve come across, all use girls with naturally large or enhanced lips! We want to know if plump it works on THIN lips to give us a girls a bit of a boost!

So here’s MY Plump It Review – testing out this product on someone with completely natural, slightly thinning lips…let’s give it a whirl!

Plump It Reviews:


Plump It! Volumizing Lip Plumper

I’ve always had a thin top lip and as I’ve gotten older it’s certainly shrinking. I wouldn’t say it’s something I’m overly upset about or conscious of, but I certainly notice it, especially when I’m dehydrated or wear a bold lip colour.

I’m really pleased with the results from Plump It! They definitely look plumper and a little more flush after application, just watch out for that sting – ouch!

How to get Naturally Bigger Lips

  1. Stay hydrated. Ever noticed how when you’re dehydrated your lips look thinner and more wrinkly? Making sure you drink more water is an easy way to create a fuller lip.
  2. Use lip balm. Alongside staying hydrated inside, its important to hydrate your lips from the outside too! Using a good lip balm is the perfect way to do this.
  3. Overline. By drawing your lip liner on the outside of your lip line instead of the inside, you can achieve the look of a fuller lip. Give it a go with a nude colour and see the instant difference!
  4. Use a lip plumper like Plump It!