5 Life Hacks to Help You Stay Hydrated

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We always get told to drink more water and for a very good reason! Drinking Natural Source Water keeps you hydrated so your body can do all of its regular tasks properly – it’s fuel! 

But why is it so hard to do sometimes in our busy lives?

Here are my top 5 life hacks to help you stay hydrated:

Use an App to Track your Intake

There are lots of apps you can use these days to record your water intake. Once you’ve finished a bottle or a glass you record it and the app will keep track for you and even remind you to top up when you haven’t drunk anything for a while! Some of them will even pop up with notifications when it’s extra hot or you’ve done more exercise than usual as a reminder to drink a little more. Ah technology!

Choose Sparkling Natural Source Water

Heading to the shop and faced with a wall of sugary caffeine laden drinks? Choosing Sparkling Spring water is a great way to get your fizz fix but without the sugar! With zero calories, no sugar and also no caffeine (which can be a diuretic and make you lose water) it’s a no brainer. It also feels fancy when you’re out and about when a glass bottle lands in front of you with a nice slice of lime!

Hydrate on your Loo Breaks!

Aim to drink one glass of spring water every time you go to the loo! It’s a great trigger to remind you to hydrate, but it’s also replacing those fluids you just…*ahem* lost! Staying hydrated can also help to prevent urinary tract infections and other nasties.

Always Carry Water with You

If it’s there, you’ll drink it! I always make sure I’ve got a bottle in my bag or in my hand when I’m out and about and my water intake has been so much better since. There’s no excuse if you’ve got water with you to not drink little and often when you’re out and about, so you don’t leave it until you’re thirsty and you’re probably already dehydrated.

Once you’re empty don’t forget to recycle – 100% of local authorities recycle water bottles in the UK including the labels and caps! If it takes up too much space in your bag, or there isn’t a specific recycle bin around, squash and twist your empty bottle as small as you can, pop the cap back on and bob’s your uncle – pocket sized and ready to be recycled. Be responsible for your hydration and the planet kids!

Pace Yourself

If you’re out boozing, try to order a bottle of Natural Source Water in between each drink. Not only will it keep you hydrated but it will also ease the after effects the next day! I like to drink sparkling spring water when I’m out because i really like the taste and it feels like less of an obligation than necking back some still!

What are your top tips for staying hydrated and making sure you hit your natural water quota?