MAC Subculture Lip Liner | Review & Swatch

As i now have quite a large lipstick obsession i figured it would be a good idea to start expanding my lip liner collection too – so welcome the MAC Subculture lip liner!

I’ve been finding myself reaching for more subtle makeup a lot more recently (see my previous blusher post) for some reason. I think it may be because January is quite a quiet, chilled out month compared to the party-filled hustle and bustle of December, and my outfits, makeup and nails tend to subconsciously reflect that. But this product, although subtle and neutral is one that i’ll be using all year round, a real makeup case staple for me.

I love MAC lipsticks, and my collection of them is ever growing so i decided to try out their lip liners too when my old nude colour ran out. Subculture is lovely browny nude which is a very subtle but perfect ‘my lips but better’ liner shade. I have quite a small top lip so this liner is great for making it look a little bigger and balancing it out with my bottom. By carefully over-lining my top lip a little and filling everything in with the side of this pencil I find it gives my lips a really nice natural look on it’s own with just a little bit of lip balm. It does also help my lipsticks stay on that little bit longer too, and as it’s a neutral colour it goes with most of them – although ideally you’re meant to match the colours.

Mac subculture lip liner review

The pencil itself is obviously very good quality and seems a little longer than most – not sure if it is or if that’s me trying to justify spending £11.50 on a lip liner, but it looks nice in my makeup case none the less and applies very well. Although they are quite pricey i think i will be investing in a pinky red colour to go with some of my other lippies, but i would be inclined for this price to try and find a shade that will match as many of my lipsticks as possible rather than buying a couple because it could get pretty pricey otherwise! The pigmentation is good though and i really like the look it gives so it’s a thumbs up from me – MAC can do no wrong in my eyes at the moment, I always walk out with something new when I take a look in there!

You can find MAC Subculture lip liner on their website HERE for £11.50!

Do you own any MAC lip liners? What do you think of this subtle shade?

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