My 30th Birthday

When I thought about what life at 30 might look like, it wasn’t this.

In my head at 30 I was married with kids or a baby on the way, a big forever home with an airy kitchen, beautiful garden and a utility room. A family dog running around, photos on the wall of romantic holidays and couples dinner parties at the weekend.

In reality however, my life at 30 is completely different.

I don’t have the marriage or the kids, or even the forever home. And my photos on the wall aren’t filled with white dresses or happy couples. Instead I’ve got pictures of my travel adventures and all my amazing friends. I do have a dog running round but he’s running around my stylish little rented flat that I simply adore. My weekends are filled with meals out with friends, exciting new dates, fun adventures, long walks with my furry BFF and nights in with all the people I love. I go where I please, I work my dream job and I live life to the full.

Sometimes it can feel like you’re so far away from where you thought you’d be or where you wanted to be at certain milestones in your life. But when you sit and think about it, is that such a bad thing?

I’m a big believer in ‘everything happens for a reason’ – READ: 5 Things I learnt When My Life Fell Apart – so it’s really important to look around and love your life for the stage it’s at now.

Just because those around you are married with kids or in long term relationships doesn’t mean you need to be too. If your friends have their own houses and you’re still renting, it’s ok. Look at the freedom renting brings and the fact that this is simply where your world is at right now.

I used to think 30 was SOOOOO old, but now I’m here, it’s really not.

I actually feel like my life is only just beginning.

My 30th birthday celebrations were awesome! I spent my actual birthday on the Regal Princess with a group of awesome travel blogging humans drinking champagne, getting massages and cooking in a hot tub – how cool is that?!

And when I got back I’d booked a farmhouse for all my closest friends which was better than I could have ever dreamed of. We had the best weather, so much BBQ food and a lot of booze! I totally switched off, hardly looked at my phone or took any photos but here are a few blurry snaps from the weekend – sweaty hot tub faces and all!

Having never really had friends until the past three years I don’t think any of my humans will ever realise how much weekends like this actually mean to me. I feel like the luckiest girl alive for all the gifts, the cards, the laughter, but mostly the time.

The fact that these guys took the time and wanted to come out there and spend my special day with me means more than they’ll ever know. 


(Click to Watch!)

Here’s to a new decade – see you on the other side!