How Long Does Period Underwear ACTUALLY Last? A Brand New, 6 Month and 18 Month Comparison!

modibodi review

Honest Modibodi Review – How Long Does Period Underwear ACTUALLY Last?

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If you’ve been following my Instagram or Youtube over the last 18 months you’ll know I’ve been on quite a journey with my cycle. Coming off the pill after 10 years and getting periods once again has honestly been one of the most amazing journeys I’ve taken with my body so far and the difference I feel day to day is incredible.

Period pants have been a complete gamechanger for me and I’ve tried quite a few different brands over the last year. I’ve filmed comparison videos, shown how to best care for them, written articles on how to work out your flow and how many pairs you need – the lot! But the one question I haven’t been able to answer until now is: How long do period pants last and are they worth the money?

Along the way we very quickly figured out that not all period underwear is made the same. Some brands fit better, some brands feel better and some brands work better than others. There’s so much choice so you’ll certainly be able to find a brand that fits your body and your budget if you shop around, but with the majority of period underwear companies claiming their pants should last around 2 years…do they?

My favourite brand for menstrual underwear (after trying quite a few!) is Modibodi. For me they hit the sweet spot of comfort, price and feel – plus I’ve NEVER had a leak. They do a huge range of different styles, colours and absorbencies and they also do a post-partum range, incontinence range and a range for men. They’re smashing it in my book!

As I’ve been wearing Modibodi right from day one and I’ve added to my collection a couple of times over the last 18 months, lets take a look at how they’ve washed to see if they’re worth it…

Modibodi Review: Do They Last?

As my period isn’t regular I wear period underwear on the days leading up to when my Flo app tells me I might come on. I recently bought a few new pairs to see me through and when they arrived I put them next to a couple of my older pairs to compare how they’ve worn over time. I was really impressed!

The pants shown in my video are all the same style and brand of period underwear – the Modibodi Sensual High Waist – and they’ve all been washed and treated the same. The only difference is how old they all are….

Modibodi Review – SEE THEM UP CLOSE:
Real Wear & Tear Between Brand New, 6 Months and 1.5 Years

As you can see from our super up-close inspection the material hasn’t bobbled, the seams are still perfect and the elastic is great – good as new! They still fit wonderfully, they don’t feel stretched out and they’re as soft as ever. The only bit of wear and tear on these is on one corner of the black pair where the lace has caught and pulled slightly in the wash, but that’s it. They have NEVER leaked and work as well as the day I bought them. Seriously impressive!

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Other Brands….

It’s not just Modibodi I have in my draw, I’ve also tried period underwear from Thinx, Wuka, Sainsburys and Primark with varying results. Personally Wuka have never been my favourite – although they work very well, I find them extremely thick and uncomfortable so as I don’t wear those very much I can’t say how well they last.

My cotton Primark pairs were awful from the start and bobbled after the first wash (as well as leaking) so they didn’t last a month, and the lighter flow Sainsbury’s version has lost its elastic but still holds up…just.

The most disappointing brand over time in my experience has been Thinx. Being the most expensive pair I hoped they would last a long time but they haven’t held up well at all. As you can see in the video the inner fabric has bobbled, the edge seams are starting to fall apart and the elastic has warped. A real shame because they’re super high waisted style make me feel like a vintage queen when I’m wearing them!

The Verdict – Are They Worth the Money?

I think the proof in my video speaks for itself – yes, Modibodi are 100% worth every penny and I think will last a long while past the 2 year mark for me! So if you’ve been thinking of giving period pants a go, you should definitely do it!

Check out my full Modibodi Review and most asked questions here! And feel free to have a browse on the blog for all my other helpful re-usable period option articles.

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modibodi review