Period Pants 101: What Are They and How To Use Them

how does period underwear work

How Does Period Underwear Work?
I answer all your FAQ’s about the newest reusable period product on the market!

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Since coming off the pill I’ve been on a mission to make my period as sustainable as possible. I tried a menstrual cup for the first time, reusable pads and even period knickers – the newest waste free period option! It’s really opened my eyes to the options we have these days and how comfortable our periods can really be.

A few weeks ago I made a video where I tested out four of the biggest period pants brands to see which was the best. Out of all the pants I bought ModiBodi came out on top and I couldn’t believe just how easy it was to make the switch to a sustainable period.

My video got you talking and I got loads of questions asking ‘how does period underwear work?’. So I decided to film a more in depth video giving you the low down on my pants(!) and answering all the questions I get asked the most period underwear.

And the coolest part about it all, ModiBodi saw my original video and asked if they could sponsor this one!

I’m so incredibly proud to be working with Modibodi on this. I love their inclusivity, their charity work and their product.

WATCH: How Does Period Underwear Work?

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They’re just so easy and I use mine on their own or with a cup depending on how I’m feeling! There’s no leaks at night even with all my wriggling and they’re breathable too which makes them incredibly comfortable. Their special moisture wicking material whisks away any menstrual blood as it falls into the pants, away from the skin and traps it there.

The Modibodi pants I have wash so well and are really easy to dry. Plus they keep you dry and there’s no smell at all even on my heavy days. They’ve also just released a maxi version which hold a whopping 50ml at a time!

P.s. If you’re confused about how many pairs of pants you need, or how to figure out your flow – this post will help!

It got a handy conversion chart showing how much tampons/pads hold and what that equates to with menstrual cups and period pants.

I honestly wish I’d found out about ModiBodi sooner because using these has made my period a breeze – I actually look forward to it each month now! So if you’ve been thinking about giving period underwear a go then 100% do, they’re brilliant.

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how does period underwear work