My Experience Coming Off The Pill After 10 Years & How It Made Me Feel

side effects cerazette

Talking about the side effects cerazette gave me and how my body reacted to stopping after 10 years...

Three months ago I made the decision to stop taking my pill.
I’m not ready to start a family, but I found myself at 32 with an incredible urge to experience my natural cycle. An urge to be free from the artificial hormones and to allow my body to start working again.

It’s a hard one to explain when taking the pill has become so common, expected almost, even with all those awful side effects. But coming off the pill was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself. I honestly feel like a new woman and I wish I’d done it sooner.

Here’s my experience and how it felt to go hormone free after a decade – from how my body changed, getting my periods back and finally feeling like me again.


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Why I went on the pill – 1:43 | My side effects ON cerazette – 2:47
Why I decided to stop taking it – 3:37
Telling my boyfriend I wanted to stop taking the pill – 4:31
Side effects after stopping the pill – 6:10
Boobs – 6:35 | First period after stopping the pill – 7:21
Discharge – 8:03 | Weight – 8:58
Skin/ Acne – 9:31 | Anxiety & Depression – 10:16
Libido – 12:16 | How it feels being pill free – 13:45

I honestly didn’t realise all the side effects cerazette had given me until I came off that little white pill. I really wish I’d done this years ago. Its been a fascinating experience and I’ve loved tracking it all with my period app Flo.

I highly recommend reading this book – Period Power (affiliate link-ad) if you’re looking to learn more about your body, your cycle and how to make it work for you. It’s been a game changer for me on this journey and it’s an incredibly empowering read.

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side effects cerazette

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