How to Make Your Hormones Work for You!

how to feel better when your on your period

I talk a lot about menstruation and positive period journeys on my social media pages and I’m always being asked how to feel better on your period. And while there are lots of gadgets and tips to help your period days go smoother (check out my posts on how period pants have revolutionised by cycle HERE!) I really do think that working WITH your hormones not against them throughout the month is the key.

I honestly cannot rave about this book enough: Period Power by Maisie Hill [*affiliate link(ad)].

If you have a menstrual cycle (especially if you were born before 2000) you need to read this book. The amount of information I learnt about my body (that we weren’t taught in school) after reading this was astounding. Knowledge really is power – especially when it comes to your own body.

Arming yourself with that is the first step towards figuring out how to feel better on your period and how to make your hormones work for you.

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– How to feel better when your on your period and throughout your cycle

I love the idea of splitting your cycle into four seasons – Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. Each season comes with it’s own level of motivation, self confidence, comfort, creativity, emotions and more. Learning what each of your seasons looks like is the best place to start.

menstrual cycle seasons

I use the Flo app to track my cycle and I’d say it’s pretty good! It’s easy to navigate, looks nice and has a lot of useful features. By inputting how I felt each day, I was quickly able to track patterns in my cycle and use them to my advantage.

For example, in my Autumn/Winter I am the least motivated and creative. They’re not a good time to plan in lots of extra work or start a new fitness routine! However in my Spring/Summer I’ve got loads of energy and I feel super confident! I get lots of new ideas AND I have the energy to see them through, so this is when I start new activities and get the most done. It’s also when I want to go out and see people the most. So I tend to schedule social events during those weeks and save the nights in for my Autumn/Winter weeks instead.

Everyone’s lives and schedules look different, but by working with YOUR cycle where possible it makes life a lot easier. Knowing what’s coming motivation and emotion wise is incredibly helpful too for just being a little kinder to yourself. If you know you’ll be feeling a little lower or more sluggish during the end of your cycle you tend to cut yourself a bit more slack. Lose the guilt and plan some extra comforting things to look after your body instead of beating yourself up.

Work out how you feel at each stage and plan your weeks around the seasons. Of course some things can’t always be moved, but we can find ways to make them easier.

No More Guilt!

There’s no point beating yourself up for the way you feel at different parts of your cycle. You can’t help your hormones and these fluctuations are totally normal! But if you’re still struggling to shake those feelings, take a look at my e-book HERE.
It’s a self-led therapy course to banish those feelings of guilt and pressure for good and it really helps

how to feel better when your on your period

I could talk for hours on the benefits of knowing your cycle and making your hormones work for you – maybe we can make it a little series over on Instagram or Youtube? Make sure you’re following and subscribed if you’d like to see more!

But hopefully this post has helped you understand how to feel better on your period and how to start working with your cycle not against it! Track, understand and adapt your way to an easier life…regardless of the season!