Which Brand of Period Pants Should You Buy?

modibodi reviews

Period Pants. The newest invention in the eco-friendly period market and one that I’ve been intrigued by for quite a while. I watched so many ModiBodi reviews and THINX try ons that I was dreaming about period pants but I was still unsure which ones to buy or whether they would actually work!

So I decided to get a few pairs from four different brands and see how they all compared; testing them out for comfort, style, price and of course effectivness.

The main brands I came across in my search were ModiBodi, THINX and Wuka Wear and when I started chatting about them over on Instagram, a few people mentioning a budget version from Love Luna at Sainsburys too…so I added those into the mix!

With some styles coming in at a whopping £36 a pair, I wanted to see whether the big brands were actually worth their price tag or whether budget is best.

So grab a cuppa and lets talk about pants! The pros and cons for each brands, a little try on and of course, our period pant winner!

This is not a sponsored video – all products have been bought with my own money.


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THINX Our most expensive brand

Full Range
Super Hi Wasted Heavy Absorbency (M)edium
Super HipHugger Heavy Absorbency (M)
Hiphugger Moderate Absorbency (M)
Air Hiphugger Moderate Absorbency (M)
ASOS’s Selection for UK people

ModiBodi – Mid price brand

Full Range
Sensual Heavy Absorbency (M)
Sensual Moderate Absorbency (M)

Wuka Wear – Mid price brand

Full Range
Heavy Absorbency Pants (L)

Love Luna (Sainsburys) – Our cheapest brand

Full Range
Heavy Absorbency
Moderate Absorbency

For Reference: my measurements are 39″ hips & 31″ waist UK size 12/14

modibodi reviews

The Verdict

They’re a hit! And with one pair lasting around 2 years, they’re certainly worth the investment in my eyes. Modibodi and Wuka also do a one pair trial so you can test out a pair of their pants for 30-40 days and get a full refund if the whole period pants thing isn’t for you!

I’m definitely going to be buying more styles from ModiBodi so be prepared for more ModiBodi reviews and chats coming soon – I’m a total convert.

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modibodi reviews