How To Fit Exercise Into a Busy Life

Kayla Itsines Blog review

Kayla Itsines Blog review

At the moment i’m moving house, moving my main blog around and learning to make a dress all alongside working full time, running my youtube channel and being in a relationship (boys take time!) – time is tight right now.

This week especially has been a bit of a stretch as i just seem to have no time to do anything and due to holiday and other commitments my kickboxing classes have been put to one side. I got to Thursday and realised i hadn’t done any exercise and i started to get a little twitchy so i dragged myself to the gym for a 45 minute LISS session on the cross trainer.

I plugged myself in, cranked up the volume and just had 45 whole minutes to myself sweating away and afterwards i felt incredible and able to come home, carry on trying to figure out php code and plugins and even finished off my beautiful dress.

Sometimes it’s about getting your bottom out of bed an hour early and heading to the gym, sometimes its just about pushing a few things back and simply taking that 45 minutes or an hour to yourself. There’s always time for exercise – you just have to be a bit flexible, and remember – it’s all for the greater good.

Hoping to ramp up the programme over the next two weeks ready for my holiday….get your bikinis out girls!