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I’m not a runner, but those of you who follow on Instagram and Twitter (both @xameliax) will know that next month I’m taking part in a mud run to raise money for Breast Cancer Care with a bunch of other crazy bods from my kickboxing school – 5 miles of muddy cross country running broken up by over 15 gruelling obstacles designed to test your strength, agility and damn right crazy-ness all for a jolly good cause! I’m really excited despite the fact that I’m not a runner in the slightest and I know it’s going to be tough but I’m powering through, training hard and looking the part too with the help of Shock Absorber!

I’ve tried out and reviewed a couple of sports bras for you before over the past year from Panache (for excellent bigger booby all-round support) and another from the Shock Absorber range (front fastening for mat/floor work) and both have been great for their purpose, but during my runs I’ve really felt in need of a bit more bounce support for the girls when we’re pounding the pavement. Meet The Ultimate Run Bra * by Shock Absorber! With such a bold name I expected big things from this over the shoulder boulder holder and I’m happy to say that it’s definitely delivered! So what are some of the features of the Ultimate Run Bra:

– Reduces breast bounce by up to 78%

– Seam free inner lining for ultimate comfort

– Fully opening back for easy bra access (no more struggling to pull it down over your head and getting stuck on the shoulders!)

– Reflective strips for road safety

– Padded and fully adjustable straps with a non-rub Hook & Eye fastening 

– Moisture-wicking high performance fabric for breathability

Now that’s a lot of features on one bra, you can see why it’s won awards! Apologies for shoving my bazoomers in your faces in the photos above but non-padded bras are really difficult to snap when they’re not being worn and this bra is full of features that need to be shown off. I’m a 32 DD as standard so that’s the size I went for here and although this style fits me well (ignore the few extra post-holiday lbs I’ve recently acquired) it’s on the last rung of the back strap so I could have probably gone for a 34 too. A sports bra should fit snug around your waist with the back sitting at the same level as the front – if the back is riding up it’s too tight, so this is perfect. Cup wise it’s great as it sits flush and my boobies aren’t being squished together so there’s no unnecessary cleavage or wrinkling in the fabric at the sides – check. The shoulder straps are also fab too, (although they can be fully adjusted as you can see at the back) not too tight so they’re digging in, but giving enough support under the cups to achieve that 78% bounce reduction!

It’s a really comfortable to wear and it keeps my girls firmly in place even on the longest of runs. I’ve also been going straight to kickboxing after running and it handles the jiggling around associated with punching and kicking pads and people excellently too so for me it’s a brilliant all-rounder. I love the colour too with the purple and lime combo being a new addition to the Ultimate Run family keeping it firmly in the functional AND fashionable sports gear category!

The Shock Absorber comes in sizes 30-36 A and 30-38 B-F and retails at £38 – You can take a look at all it’s features and colour combos on the Shock Absorber website HERE!

Do you wear a proper sports bra when exercising? What features do you look for when buying?

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