5 Ways To Fit LISS Into A Busy Lifestyle

kayla itsines liss ideas

Excising when you’re super busy is TOUGH. For me it’s far too easy to push exercise down the ranks of priority when i have a million and one things to do which means i often don’t squeeze in as much as i’d like to or as much as i need to in order to see progress on my fitness journey.

One of the questions i get asked all the time is ‘What is LISS and what are we supposed to do for LISS Exercise on the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide. Well fitness fans, LISS stands for Low Intensity Steady State – basically cardio that keeps your heart rate up but at a steady level for a prolonged period of time. Kayla suggests 35-40 minutes brisk walking for your LISS three times a week on the days in-between her workouts which works quite well for me most of the time, but with a busy lifestyle sometimes it’s really hard to fit in.

So i’ve put together my top tips for mixing up your LISS and fitting it in when you’re a busy little bee!

kayla itsines liss ideas

Find Something You Enjoy

When you enjoy your exercise it becomes more like a hobby than a chore. Find something you really enjoy doing (for me it’s kickboxing or badminton) and try to organise that once or twice a week. If it’s something competitive like Badminton  you’ll want to push hard and win (if you’re like me – take no prisoners!) and if it’s something you can learn like a Martial Art then you’ll want to go more often and improve your techniques. Give a few classes or activities ago until you find something that suits you, something other people might love may not be your cup of tea but there’s something out there for everyone! kayla itsines liss ideas

Don’t Procrastinate

This is my problem. When i know i should be exercising i’ll flap around for ages getting my gear on, putting my hair up, taking makeup off and ‘just finishing this off before i start’. It wastes time and before you know half an hour has passed and you’ve still not got anything done! Don’t mess around, the sooner you start your exercise the sooner you’ll finish – GET ON IT!

kayla itsines liss ideas

Do Something As A Group

Find it hard to fit exercise in and still have a social life? Why not get your friends involved with something you can all enjoy together! Try a zumba class, a spin class (heaven forbid!) or just go for a group walk and have a natter along the way. Exercise can be really fun with friends, so swap that weekly coffee catch-up  for a walk round the block instead and you’ll soon see a difference!

kayla itsines liss ideas

Find LISS In Everyday Tasks

Take the stairs instead of a lift, walk your doggy that little bit further, really get into it when you’re hoovering the house! LISS can be found in a multitude of places – not just in a pair of running shoes.

kayla itsines liss ideas

Get It Out The Way

I’m a nightmare in the mornings, i hate getting out of bed! But on the times i have set my alarm for an hour earlier and actually done some exercise i’ve felt amazing for the rest of the day, and i’ve also freed up a load of time in the evening by getting my LISS out the way early on. If early morning walks aren’t your bag then try squeezing your 40 mins in on a lunch break instead – then when 5pm rolls around you know you can spend your evening doing whatever else you like instead of worrying about exercising, or worse not bothering at all!

Has this post inspired you to get moving?