Top 5 Things That Annoy Me at the Gym

gym, things that annoy me at the gym

1. People who use the private changing booths with the curtain wide open

Why on earth would you stand in a PRIVATE CUBICLE if you’re still going to flash your bits to the rest of the room?! No-one wants to see your birthday suit so please, please either draw the curtain or remove yourself from said cubicle so i can get changed in peace!


2. Children in the adults section

Running about, screaming and generally being a nuisance in the adults area of the changing rooms. No they’re not adorable in their little armbands, and no you don’t want to ‘just eat them all up‘ – old ladies of the changing room do not encourage this behavior and parents, control your offspring.


3. People that talk to me

I don’t go to the gym looking to make a new best friend or socialize in any way shape or form. I’m usually drenched in sweat with one eyebrow running down the side of my face because i didn’t remove my makeup properly and hyperventilating like a woman giving birth to quintuplets…the last thing i want to do is chat to you about the weather.


4. Reserving machines while you have a natter

There is a perfectly lovely clubhouse at the bottom of the stairs where you may talk to your fellow gym buddies in the comfort of an armchair to your hearts content. Either get on that cross trainer or get out my way – use it or lose it sister, i’m here to train *hulk smash*


5. Using a machine right next to me when there’s another one exactly the same two machines down

Why oh why would you want to get up close and personal with a sweaty stranger at the gym when there is the exact same machine two treadmills down completely unoccupied? There’s this thing called personal space sir, please educate yourself and…


I’m doing the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body 12 Week Fitness Challenge and LOVING IT!!!!

What annoys you most at the gym?

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