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Polar Loop ReviewFor my birthday this year I was treated me to this bad boy – The Polar Loop Activity Tracker! I’ve wanted an activity band to help track my exercise for a while and after a bit of research I realised that the Polar Loop was the one for me and I haven’t been disappointed.

The Polar Loop Activity Band is a rather unassuming piece of wrist candy that you wear all the time to help track the activity you’re doing and how much you move. It comes in a box with a USB charger and easy instructions to help you snip the plastic band down to size so it fits comfortably on your wrist.Polar Loop Review

With the help of it’s incredibly user-friendly iphone app it tells you how much sleep you’ve had and beeps when it’s time to move to stop you sitting in one place for too long – two very useful features. It also tells you how many calories you’ve burnt and how much more of a certain exercise you need to do to reach your daily activity goal. You can use an external heart rate monitor with your polar loop if you want an accurate calorie reading but it seems to do a good job guesstimating and i’ve found i’ve come away with different readings from my kickboxing lessons depending on how hard i worked.polar loop activity tracker review, polar loop activity band

Overall i think it’s a fab little product and i love mine to bits but for those looking for a quick review so they can compare to others on the market here are my pro’s and con’s of the Polar Loop Activity Tracker –


Comfortable even on my tiny wrists: Fully customisable size and if you accidentally cut too much off they will send you a replacement strap!

Tracks sleep: Such a useful feature for me as i know i don’t get enough and sleep is super important for a healthy lifestyle

Inactivity alerts: Great for keeping track of how long you’ve been sat at your desk i know they might not seem like they do sometimes, but those hours tick by very quickly!

Great iphone app: Easy to use, read and interact with.

Easy setup: Just plug into your laptop to sync, sort out the settings and enter your stats and you’re good to go!

Simple to use: One touch button, simple and effective

Smart looking: Doesn’t look too out of place or scream sports watch when you’re wearing it all the time


Calories are estimates unless with heart rate monitor: However i think they’re pretty close give or take a few

Battery life doesn’t last long: I do find mine needs charging every 4-5 days which can be a bit of a pain, but charging is quick with your laptop for about an hour

So if you’re looking for a sports watch/activity tracker then i’d highly recommend the little Polar Loop – you can pick yours up on Amazon for around £45!

Do you use an activity tracker or heart rate monitor when you work out?

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