The Body Clock is Ticking – Doing a Fertility Test at Home with Hertility Health

fertility test at home

Fertility Test at Home – Hertility Health Review

I was offered a fertility test at home by Hertility Health a couple of months ago with absolutely no obligation to talk about it online. However, this test for me as been a GAMECHANGER and I think everyone needs to know this is out there for their reproductive (and mental) health…so here we are! – ad, pr product.

I sit writing this post as a 32 year old young woman (33 next month) who would love to start a family one day…just not right now. However I’m sure a lot of you can relate to the fact that as soon as you hit the big 3-0 it feels like a giant countdown clock appears above your head and whether you’re ready or not, you’re morbidly aware of your declining egg count and the fact that ‘you’re not getting any younger’.

But up until a couple of years ago, I thought you had to leave your fertility up to chance. I was told by my GP that in order to run any tests for it, I had to have been trying to conceive – unsuccessfully – for two years before they could investigate anything; by which point I feared I would have missed my chance. I looked into having tests done privately but the costs were up in the £1,000’s and it all left me feeling quite anxious and deflated.

While we’re not looking to start a family right this second, I can’t be the only person just wanting to know if things are working ok and if I have some time?

Also, after being on the pill for the last decade I honestly had no idea what my menstrual and reproductive health was like. And when I spoke about coming off the pill after 10 years and all the changes that were happening to my body, your amazing response showed me that I wasn’t alone. The pill can help with heavy periods and acne but it can also mask a lot of menstrual and reproductive problems and I worried not only for my declining egg count, but also for my hormones as well.

I had no idea that ovarian reserve testing (getting an egg count test) at home was even a thing, until I discovered Hertility Health.

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fertility test at home

It turns out you don’t have to leave things to chance or have been trying to have a baby for two years before understanding any problems you may have. And you also don’t have to pay thousands of pounds waiting months in a private clinic either.

Hertility Health sends a test right to your door for you to complete at home, testing for a multitude of different hormones (including your AMH – ovarian reserve) for £149. They tailor the test to you with their health questionnaire and it can help you get a really good idea of your current ovarian reserve. It can also tell you if there are any other abnormalities that may indicate an underlying problem or future difficulties conceiving.

A quick click with the lancet on your little finger and a few drops of blood later, you’re good to go! Pop it in the post and your results arrive in your inbox within about 10 days (mine only took a week). You can also book in for a 1-on-1 virtual or in person consult with one of their drs if you’d like to talk more about your results – or just take them to your GP if it comes back with anything that you need to investigate further.

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I’ve been female for 32 years and often the struggle of being heard when it comes to our bodies can feel impossible. But this test, done in the comfort of your own home without any agonizing waiting lists, gives you back that feeling of control over your body.

Now of course no test can guarantee that you’ll 100% be able to conceive in the future without any problems. The AMH test tells you the amount of eggs you have left not necessarily the quality of them and there are numerous factors at play when it comes to fertility. But even if your test does come back with some concerns, you’re now armed with that knowledge and have the power to do something about it ahead of time to get help you deserve.

Knowing that my reserve right now is doing ok and we don’t have to drop everything to start trying for kids this second allowed me to breathe, to put down the heavy load of my biological clock for a little while and relax.

…and that for me has been absolutely priceless.

You can find out more about Hertility Health on their website HERE.

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Fertility test at home, Hertility Health review – written by xameliax April 2021