How to Make Bath Salts

diy bath salts, bath salts recipe

Make your own DIY Bath Salts with my Easy Bath Salts Recipe!
– homemade bath salts on a budget –

I’m obsessed with homemade bath salts right now – I use them in every single bath I run!

These DIY Bath Salts give off such a calming scent that fills your whole bathroom, plus you can customise them with whichever sent you like. My homemade bath salts recipe has just 3 steps so you can make a jar quicker than you can make a cup of tea!

They’re super easy and everything you need is listed with links below – you’ll be soaking your troubles away with your very own homemade bath salts in just a few days time!

Let’s get started!

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bath salts recipe, homemade bath salts

Homemade Bath Salts –
DIY Bath Salts Recipe

There’s only three ingredients in these DIY Bath Salts, so once you’ve got the basic bath salt recipe down you can change them up based on your favourite scents!

What You’ll Need:

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diy bath salts, bath salts recipe, homemade bath salts

How to Make Homemade Bath Salts:

  1. Measure your salt (both coarse and fine) into a large bowl
  2. Add your essential oils and mix well
  3. Pour into your jar and add any extras (flower petals etc)

Leave the oils to infuse for 2 days before using you new salts for maximum scent! Just 1-2 scoops of these salts in your bath is all you need for instant relaxation.

For my favourite DIY bath salts I use 2ml Lavender Oil and 4ml Bergamot Oil. You can use whichever oils and scents you like to make them more personal to you….and dried flowers make things extra fancy don’t they!

diy bath salts, bath salts recipe

Super easy but so satisfying – they also make wonderful gifts for people you love. You can double the recipe to make more salts, just make sure you keep them in a dry place with the lid on tight so water doesn’t get to the salt before you’re ready!

What’s your go to relaxing scent?

I’d love to see your homemade bath salts!
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