Cheat Meals on the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide

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kayla itsines blog review, kayla itsines cheat meals, kayla itsines review, kayla itsines discount code

Since i posted my week 4 progress pictures i’ve had floods of comments asking me how i did it, what i eat, if i still enjoy food and even some people incredibly confused as they still see photos like this on my instagram every week! *oooops*

In the Bikini Body Guide, Kayla doesn’t actually advocate cheat meals from a nutritional/metabolic angle, instead she mentions that she occasionally recommends one to clients who are possibly struggling slightly with sticking to a strict clean eating plan. Essentially, she doesn’t promote them.

However i’m a huge foodie, and my idea of a great night out is heading to a nice restaurant, picking whatever i want (three courses + boozy coffee usually), ordering a delicious bottle of wine (or two) and thoroughly enjoying myself with food. If i had to stop this i think i’d go mad an throw in the BBG towel within days!

Previously however on diets i would have given myself a cheat day or even a cheat weekend with fatty breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks and wonder why i wasn’t losing the weight i wanted to. This time round i’ve reigned it in a little and i’ve found the perfect balance so i can have my cake an eat it too.

Have a cheat meal, NOT a cheat day!

I plan my social calender in advance so i know when my cheat meal will be, and unless it’s a special occasion that meal will be one day out of the weekend. I also allow myself to drink on that one day too (home girl needs her fizz!) but you can read more about alcohol on Kayla’s programme here. I choose whatever i want off the menu and i really enjoy it, it also helps curb cravings during the week if i know i’ve got one of these bad boys to look forward to at the weekend.

I guess it depends on the kind of person you are as to whether cheat meals will work for you, but as you can see from my week 4 progress pictures, i’m a walking talking example that you can cheat a little (and enjoy a glass of wine or two) and still see results.

That cream cake is NOT going to kill you – life’s too short not to indulge every now and again!

Follow my progress…with photos!