Healthy Chicken Salad Recipe | Summer Lunches

chicken salad recipe

Today i wanted to share with you this delicious and healthy chicken salad recipe perfect for Summer BBQ’s or as a quick lunch at home or on the go. Recently i’ve been really trying to eat clean and ramp up my fitness so chicken and salad have been a staple for me, but on their own they can be a bit boring! So i’ve been experimenting and this is my ultimate favourite Chicken Pine Nut and Feta salad which is a breeze to make and is darn tasty to boot.

What You’ll Need:


Mixed Salad Leaves


Cherry Tomatoes

Low Fat Feta Cheese

Spring Onions


Pine Nuts 

Balsamic Vinegar

How To: 

– Grill your chicken until cooked and chop up into bitesized chunks.

– Toss your salad together and pop into a pasta bowl

– Add your chicken on top and sprinkle in some pine nuts

– Drizzle with Balsamic vinegar and chow down!

Double your portion size and whack it in a big salad bowl as a great sharer for a BBQ or summer picnic, or add some crusty bread and tuck in for a yummy but healthy evening meal. Your salad will keep until the next day if put in your favourite lunchbox, just make sure your chicken is cool before adding it in and take your dressing in a separate pot to drizzle over when you’re ready to eat. Prepping your lunch the night before is a great way to save time and a bit of money if you usually eat out at work – it also helps keep you out of that cake isle too when picking up your packet sandwiches!

What are your go-to ingredients for a healthy chicken salad recipe? 

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