Are you Allowed Alcohol on the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide?

Kayla itsines alcohol, kayla itsines blog review

Kayla itsines alcohol, kayla itsines blog review

Can you drink alcohol on the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide?

Before i started Kayla’s programme this was the part of her nutrition guide i was most worried about – saying goodbye to my precious alcohol! As you can see by the instagram snaps above (you can find me @xameliax) i do enjoy an alcoholic beverage at the weekend. I wouldn’t consider myself a huge drinker, maybe a couple of beers on a Friday night after a long week, half a bottle of wine with Saturday night dinner or a few cocktails on and evening out with friends but all those calories and toxins still add up.

When the sun is shining in the UK (a very rare occurrence) resisting the pull of a sunny bar terrace or a few glasses of fizz in your back garden is incredibly hard and when it’s cold and dark outside there really is nothing better than curling up with a good film and a large glass of red wine! Similarly with eating badly it doesn’t take a while for habits to form and before you know it you don’t think twice about gulping down a number of ice cold beers with the boy and a takeaway on a Friday night or sinking a whole bottle of wine and moving onto the G&T’s when out for lunch with the girls.

Kayla doesn’t drink any alcohol, hasn’t done for years, and she encourages all of her clients to do the same. So if you were wondering what the ‘rules’ were on her programme surrounding the dreaded ‘A’ word then i’m afraid it’s not good news. I know, i cried too.

In all honesty i don’t think i’d stick to this guide for the whole 12 weeks if i had to cut out my booze completely, especially with all the wonderful events and special occasions i’ve got coming up – so i made Kayla a compromise…in my head. I’m allowing myself to drink just one day out of the weekend. No longer Friday night, Saturday night and a cheeky one at the pub on our Sunday walk, instead depending on what i’m up to i’ll be choosing carefully and allowing myself to drink on just one of those days.

Now i may be waving goodbye to the chance of ever getting the perfect set of abs but that’s a sacrifice i’m willing to make for a social drink or two! Of course i won’t be going on a massive bender throughout my allocated drinking day as i’m still aware of ruining all my hard work in the week, but a couple of glasses of fizz and the odd gin will hopefully keep me sane enough to carry on through this grueling programme and allow me to have a bit of my cake and eat it too!

…did someone say champagne?