Being Happy In The Body You’re In

When I first shared my SlimFast results in 2 weeks last year I thought I would simply chalk it up to a good way to kick my bum into gear in January and get back on track after Christmas. I didn’t actually think that a year and half later I would still be using their shakes as part of my daily routine…

slim fast results in 2 weeks

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I initially started the SlimFast 3.2.1. Plan back in 2020 to help me cut back after a cheese-heavy, boozy festive season and it worked really well. I was really impressed with my SlimFast results in 2 weeks and after a month on the SlimFast 3.2.1. Plan I’d not only lost weight, but I’d also increased my gym attendance by 900%, cut back on my junk food snacking and gotten into some really great habits with my water intake.

Since then we’ve been through a global pandemic, moved house and got engaged and my weight has stayed pretty much the same and I love what I see in the mirror!

I’m really happy with my body right now (even if it could do with a few more trips to the gym to get a bit fitter!) and I don’t want to lose any more weight. So I’ve decided to choose 3 healthy habits to focus on over the next 3 months to help myself feel the best I can and maintain this level of happy instead!

Sometimes creating healthy habits isn’t just about simply losing weight and that’s something I’ve had to re-learn over the years. We build healthy habits to feel good and look after our bodies, not to fit into a dress size society deems appropriate. It’s ok to want to lose weight just like it’s ok to want to maintain and stay where you are – it’s YOUR body so do whatever feels good FOR YOU!

My Healthy Habits:

  1. Stay hydrated

I know, I know, we always have this on our lists but that’s because it’s one of the easiest habits to let slip! Staying hydrated helps with so many aspects of both physical and cognitive health so it SHOULD be at the top of all our lists!

To help me drink mine I’ve gone all posh – I put filtered water in a 500ml glass with ice and drink it through a straw! I don’t know why, but ice water just feels like the best thing ever and drinking it through a straw helps me get through it quicker so i’m more likely to go for a re-fill. Whether it’s bottles with a measure on the side so you can keep track, or even putting a cocktail umbrella in your glass(!) find a way to make drinking your water easier and roll with it!

2. Have something for breakfast

When I shared my first check-in and my SlimFast results in 2 weeks I mentioned how much better I felt having actually had something for breakfast. I often feel quite sick in the mornings and struggle to eat breakfast, so having a SlimFast shake is PERFECT for me as a way to get something in my tummy! I use them now even though I’m not trying to lose weight, because they’re full of protein and fibre and they have 23 vitamins and minerals and no added sugar to help me start the day right. Plus the ready to drink bottles are super easy to grab and go if you’re busy.

I love the strawberry but they are available in other flavours such as Banana, Caffe Latte, Mint Choc & Vanilla. Having a shake for breakfast not only helps me actually HAVE breakfast, but it also helps me to maintain my current weight and keep me exactly where I am as they’re 204 calories a bottle.

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3. Moving my Body every day

I’m not about to jump into 5 cross fit sessions a week but I am trying to focus on moving my body in a mindful way every single day. Whether that be a dog walk with Toby, a youtube yoga session, 30 mins on our crosstrainer or even just a good stretch. Making sure I move and use my body every day has been helping me feel so much better, especially when it comes with a nice dose of fresh air!

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to lose a bit of weight for your own happiness and health, just like there’s nothing wrong with wanting to stay exactly how you are. It’s your body, your rules and don’t let anyone tell you anything different. As long as you’re happy and are doing things for yourself (not for society or anyone else) then its allllll good. You deserve to be happy and healthy so start those new habits today!

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What are the healthy habits you’re focusing on right now?

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