Rock of ages UK Tour – Theatre is BACK and Ready to ROCK!

Rock of Ages Photo Credit : The Other Richard
Rock of Ages Review

ROCK OF AGES REVIEW -ad press night-

It’s been nearly 2 years since we walked through the doors of a theatre and sat down for a night of musical fun. So when press night for Rock of Ages came round we donned our best band tea, backcombed our hair and practiced those finger horns all the way to The Alexandra in Brum.

Now I’ll be honest, a few people had giggled when I told them our first show back was Rock of Ages, and as the reviews were far from gleaming we didn’t really know what we were going to get with this one. But we had an absolute BLAST and it left us wondering which show these people had been watching because my Rock of Ages review is 10/10!

Set along the sunset strip in LA, Rock of Ages tells the ‘story’ of a rock and roll bar set to to be demolished when a pair of developers take over the city. We follow budding rock and roll star Drew and aspiring actress Sherrie as they try to make it in the hard faced entertainment industry and the ups and downs of their young love together…

Ok, so it’s a jukebox musical without much of a storyline and yes it’s cheesy as hell. But there’s no denying that their panto-style humour, audience interaction and slapstick routines make for a brilliant show! Plus, Luke Walsh (Drew), Rhiannon Chesterman (Sherrie) and Ross Dawes (Dennis Dupree) can REALLY belt.

Kevin Clifton (off of Strictly Come Dancing) was the famous face on the posters and honestly, he was awesome. Normally you can spot the famous person addition from a mile off in these shows, but as I don’t watch Strictly I had no idea he was Stacee until I looked at the programme on the way home which is a really good sign!

Rock of Ages doesn’t take itself too seriously (if at all) and it makes for an incredibly charming show. We loved it and I’m so glad this was our welcome back to the theatre after what feels like a lifetime.

Loosen up a bit, go with the flow and stomp your feet along to these classic tunes on stage – you’re in for a brilliant night out!