Natural Source Water | A True British Heritage

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Last month Chris and I were invited up to Harrogate Water with the Natural Hydration Council to learn more about the Natural Source Water we have here in the UK.

Did you know that Harrogate alone has 88 Natural Water Sources?!

We spent the day with Harrogate Water who not only collect this amazing untouched spring water right at the source, but are also making waves in the environmental world working tirelessly to help preserve these natural wonders and the biodiversity of the area.

harrogate water
Harrogate Water HQ!
harrogate water


Because water’s just water…right?


We’re so lucky to have running water that’s drinkable in our homes in this country, and of course even tap water helps keep you hydrated. But the difference between tap water and Natural Source Water is a lot bigger than you might think.

In order for Natural Source Water to be qualified as such, it needs to remain untouched. That means it can’t have anything taken out or back in. It also can’t be treated with chemicals. It has to come straight from the ground, to you The reason why your tap water may sometimes taste a bit nasty is because this water is treated with chemicals and has added chlorine in there to make sure it’s safe to be pumped around the country and to drink. Natural Source Water however has its own natural minerals that filter into the water as it trickles through the layers of rock, before being collected at source exactly as it’s found in nature. No chemicals, no additives, just as nature intended!

harrogate water


Does Harrogate Water Have Healing Powers?

In the 16th century, wealthy visitors would visit Harrogate which had been coined ‘The English Spa’ to be treated for a number of ailments using their Natural Source Water. People believed that drinking Natural Source Waters could cure anything from digestion problems to anxiety!

There’s a reason why even our medical advice in 2019 states we should stay hydrated and aim to drink 8 glasses of water per day. I feel so much better when I’m hydrated – less tired, no headaches and lots of energy. If Natural Source Water was good enough for the Georgians, it’s good enough for me!

Our Natural Source Water sources and their catchment are protected areas of the country to prevent any contamination into the aquifers – the underground rock formations that collect and naturally filter the water. Harrogate has more unique natural water sources than anywhere else in the world and the team at Harrogate Water work tirelessly to protect this land and conservation in the area to encourage biodiversity and purity of the woodland.

harrogate water


We have a number of different natural water sources in the UK all with their own unique mineral profile and taste.

Did you know that like wine, water sommeliers actually exist? (I think I know which one I’d rather be given the choice!)

Each Natural Source Water will have a slightly different taste depending on its mineral composition – from dryness, crispness and even slight saltiness!

harrogate water


Not only is Natural Source Water wonderful for keeping us all hydrated, it’s also used in other areas. We visited Harrogate Tipple, a local distillery who uses Natural Source Water in their gin.

When making gin the base spirit is infused with lots of wonderful botanicals to give each gin its unique taste. Once distilled this is then diluted with water to create the maker’s desired ABV. Most gin makers use tap water to dilute their gin, but after putting in all that hard work to find the perfect blend of botanicals, using tap water adds in chemicals to the mix! And as tap water can vary from tap to tap (and week to week), it also gives a variable and slightly unpredictable taste profile for each batch.

So Harrogate Tipple use Harrogate Water to dilute their gin – pure, untreated and the same every time. And it’s also local having come from just 3 miles up the road – How cool is that?!

harrogate tipple distillery

We had such a fascinating day in Harrogate learning about the wonders of our natural water sources and it made me pretty proud to be British I have to say! Who knew there was so much going on underground and in our English countryside!

harrogate water
Harrogate Water with its signature diamond bottle

Watch: Our Visit to Harrogate Water Here!

Do you think Harrogate water has healing properties?
At the very least hopefully it’s encouraged you to drink a little more and stay hydrated!