How to stop eating junk food | The Diet Hack that worked for me in just two weeks

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It sounds too good to be true but here’s how I cut down on junk food and snacking by making just one change to my diet – you won’t believe it, it’s so, so easy! Read on for my top tip on how to stop eating junk food.

After getting into a bit of a rut sat at my laptop all day not moving much, I decided to overhaul my lifestyle, making a few changes to get me out of it. I’d also got into a rut with food – eating the same things over and over again and getting lots of takeaways.

We started trying out Gousto boxes and found that they really helped us get back into the habit of cooking again. One thing that I found was that I was always hungry. This happens when you go from eating a lot of processed food to starting a lower calorie diet – cravings, sugar dips, etc!

I love salty foods – crisps, cheese, I could eat these all day long. Despite not having a sweet tooth, I was still craving something sweet and just not feeling full enough. Within two weeks of implementing this I had completely changed my snacking habits and I was feeling fuller for longer.


You think of protein and you think of body building but it’s a great tip for how to stop eating junk food. I go to the gym 3-4 times a week, play sports, walk the dog but nothing too strenuous and upping my protein intake has been really beneficial. I was full from the meals I was eating and felt really satisfied with the food I was eating.

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