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Body Shop Party Review (12)A couple of weeks back I hosted my very first Body Shop Party with my lovely friend Beth. Beth has been moonlighting as a Body Shop at Home Consultant for the past few months and absolutely loving it! Her and her bags of Body Shop beauty goodies have been traveling the midlands pampering ladies over a glass of Pimms at weekends, at baby showers and on cheeky midweek girl’s nights in and it’s been a roaring success so I decided to get in on the action as a great excuse to have a little party, drink wine and beautify with friends in the comfort of my own home!
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Nibbles for the girls with a Homemade Quiche and my moreish Iced Lemon Cake cooling just out of shot!Body Shop Party Review (15)

Body Shop Party Review (4)For those who don’t know – a Body Shop party is similar to your Ann Summers or Tupperware parties that have been around for a while…but with less naughtiness and clip together sandwich boxes! As a host it’s your job to get your girls together round yours, crack open a bottle of something tasty, put out a few nibbles and let your Body Shop Consultant distract you all with beautiful smelling body butters and lotions!

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Beth turned up at around 6pm with a whole host of Body Shop goodies, a pinboard full of offers and a big smile ready to show us what the Body Shop can do! We got to work smoothing on lotions in a million different scents, passing them round and enjoying all the testers Beth could throw at us! Drawing on our faces with highlighting domes, eyeshadows and bronzers, learning about how all these potions worked and racking up a rather large shipping list!

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Body Shop Party Review (10) At your Body Shop party there’s loads of discounts you can take advantage of with 3 for 2’s, BOGOF’s and %’s off certain ranges. I discovered so many products I didn’t even know the Body Shop did and being able to try them before buying was such a great seller for me. Body Shop Party Review (1)

It’s Pimms O’Clock!Body Shop Party Review (9)

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Wilson joining in on the pamper fun!Body Shop Party Review (11)

We each brought a washing up bowl to the party (hello glamorous!) so we could give ourselves a DIY pedicure with the amazing Body Shop Peppermint Range and despite Wilson drinking out of my ‘foot spa’ it was actually a really relaxing experience. I’m not ashamed to say I bought all of the peppermint goodies we used and since they arrived I’ve been giving myself weekly foot spas which has been absolutely wonderful in our British heat wave!

Body Shop Party ReviewWhen the party finished we all put our orders in to Beth which arrived just three days later to my house so I could deliver everyone’s goodies like a Body Shop Elf! As a host I got an extra special discount that goes up depending on how much your party spends. I got all of this (+ a little aftershave treat for Joe and a beautiful beach bag to take on holiday) for less than £25 – amazing! We had so much fun and I can’t wait to host another one, we’re already planning a cleanse and makeover party in September before painting the town red, it’s such a fantastic way to get the girls together and have some beauty fun!

You can book your own Body Shop at Home Party and read up on what it takes to become a Body Shop Consultant here!

Have you ever hosted a Body Shop Party before? What would you buy with your super host discount?

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  • We had a Body Shop party in my uni house many years ago, my friends friend was a consultant. I looked into being a consultant myself a couple of years ago but was just too scared to do it on my own, It does look fab though and a good little side earner!
    Amy at Amy & More

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