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Kayla Itsines BBG

Kayla Itsines BBG, thekaylamovement, kayla itsines blog reviewSo here we are, the start of a brand new year after the inevitable Christmas bulge! As you can see from these pictures i’ve not been following the Kayla Guide since my holiday and last progress pictures and through no other reason than laziness and over indulging i’ve put on a fair few lbs. It really isn’t rocket science, if you’re eating more than you’re working off then you’re going to put on weight and that’s my story as i stand her on January 5th ready to do something about it – it’s time for the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide round 2!

Kayla Itsines BBG, thekaylamovement, kayla itsines blog review

While I haven’t put on a huge amount of weight I can certainly see a difference from my week 4 progress pictures last year – so much definition lost and a few extra inches around my thighs, arms and more noticeably my tummy. The one plus point to my weight gain is my now giant boobs – this bra does not do them justice! Sadly I know these won’t be stopping around when I start the guide again, they’re always to first to go which is no fun at all! I’ve measured myself all round so we can keep track of inches lost because that’s so important on a programme like this, much more important than the number on your scales. Progress photos will be coming every two weeks (all being well) so hopefully we’ll see a bit of a difference the next time I check in – fingers crossed!

Starting Measurements

10 Stone 5lbs (145lbs *eeek*)

Bust – 38″

Waist – 30 1/4″

Hips – 37 1/2″

Bum – 29 1/2″

Arms – 12″

Thighs – 23 1/2″

I’m a keen kickboxer and am now in training for my next belt so my kickboxing lessons won’t be stopping as I work my way through the Kayla Guide. I get loads of questions about how you should structure your week on Kayla’s guide so this is my plan for week 1-2:

Monday1 hour kickboxing lesson (cardio, pad work, circuits)

TuesdayKayla Workout (legs or arms depending on what feels stronger)

WednesdayLISS (30-45minutes walking)

Thursday1 hour kickboxing less OR Kayla Workout (legs or arms whichever I didn’t do on Tuesday)

FridayKayla Workout, full body

SaturdayLISS (30-45minutes walking)

SundayRest Day 

If you’ve done the programme before you’ll know the pain that’s coming because these workouts are HARD, if you’re new then you’re in for a treat! It’s a tough programme but it’s so worth it and when coupled with the nutrition plan too I saw great results on my first go round. Getting your bum off the sofa to do your workouts is the hardest bit (apart from the burpees!) but just think, it’s 30 minutes of pain for so much gain – you get out of it what you put in and if you slack off you’re the only one who loses so push yourself every time.

I try to keep a schedule for my workouts and plan my meals in advance but it really is important to listen to your body and don’t leave out that rest day. You can structure you week how you like but try not to do two Kayla Workouts after each other – alternate days between Kayla and LISS. Find out what works for you with work/school and other commitments and stick to it like glue…no excuses!

So to everyone who’s joining in with #thekaylamovement good luck, we can do this girls – LET’S GO!

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