Day Hike Essentials for Hobby Walkers

day hike essentials

My Top Day Hike Essentials for Beginners!

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This year we’ve really gotten into hiking at the weekend with our little dog Toby. He can run for hours sniffing out local wildlife, chasing sticks and paddling in streams and we love the fresh air and exercise!

Recently I decided to invest in some proper hiking gear to make things a bit more comfortable. They have been invaluable to me, so I figured it would be helpful to share the bits I found with you guys for your next walk!

Day Hike Essentials

day hike essentials


First up on our list of day hike essentials is a good pair of walking boots.

Years ago I bought a super cheap pair of walking boots for a press trip to Borneo and they caused me more problems than they were worth. So this year I invested in some waterproof Brasher Boots and they made the world of difference!

The Country Master boots are so supportive and they’re also waterproof for crossing streams or being caught in the rain. I’ve had them for about three months now and they’re just as good as when I bought them despite getting a lot of use!

I got my regular shoe size and they fit perfectly, plus the lower part around the back of your ankle makes walking up slopes a lot more comfortable.

day hike essentials

Proper Boot Socks

Walking socks are the next most important item on our list. Without the right socks it doesn’t matter how good your boots are, you’re in for an uncomfortable walk!

I got a few different pairs from SOCKSHOP so I was always ready to walk – they stock a seriously impressive range. There’s specific pressure point support socks, long boot socks, thermal boot socks and more!

They have loads of colours and brands to choose from and they also sell super cosy woolen socks for relaxing in after your walk too!

A Sturdy Backpack

If like me you enjoy taking a picnic when you go walking, or camera gear to capture some memories, then a good rainproof padded backpack is key.

I use the Anniston backpack from Bagsmart because its just the right size for holding everything we need without being too bulky. It has padded compartments for tech and is big enough to hold your coolbag and tea flask too!

The straps are really well padded over your shoulders which means its super comfortable during a long walk…plus its rainproof too!

day hike essentials

Walking Trousers

I’ve lost count of the amount of wet dog walks I’ve done in jeans and regretted all my life decisions! Finding a pair of waterproof trousers has been such a lifesaver for those days.

These Kiwi Pro Trousers from Craghoppers are a skinny style that look super cool as well as doing a great job keeping you dry. I got a size 12 and they fit brilliantly tucking into my socks at the bottom for extra protection.

day hike essentials


For the super wet dog walks wellies are perfect. I got this pair from Joules on Amazon and they’re GORGEOUS!

They have interchangeable tassels and are super stylish for popping into the pub on your walk and not feeling like a total scruff. Joules wellies always last be really well for me and they get a lot of use.

A Windproof Coat

A good quality coat to keep you warm and dry is very much needed on a walk. I love my Barbour jacket that I got for my birthday about 5 years ago and it’s still going strong! It’s warm enough without being too thick and its great for keeping the wind chill at bay too.

Same as your boots, investing in a good quality coat is a really good idea and saves a fortune in the long run. Make sure your coat is lined and at the very least splash proof in case you get caught out!

Reusable Water Bottle

It’s so important to stay hydrated when you’re on a hike so I’ve always got my Chillys Reusable Bottle with me. In fact i’m never without my smaller version in my handbag too!

It slots easily in the bottle compartment of my bag and keeps my water cold for up to 24 hours…yes, really! They come in loads of different designs and never taste metallic. You can also use them to keep hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours, win!

shewee review

Extra Tip: A Shewee!

This little invention has saved my bacon a few times on a long hike – the shewee! Its essentially a fold up funnel that enables you to wee standing up if you’re lacking in the penis department!

I keep a little packet of tissues with my shewee in the bag for emergency stops in the bushes and its great. You can use it without taking down your trousers or squatting on something poisonous – what a super handy little gadget.

What are your top day hike essentials? I’d love to know!


day hike essentials