Toby’s Adventure: Dog Friendly Holidays in Scotland

scottish holidays dog friendly

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Having a Scottish boyfriend has its perks. Always having Irn Bru stocked up in the fridge, getting to eat delicious haggis with whisky sauce on Burns Night and of course relaxing trips up to the Highlands to visit family. 

I adore the fresh air, the beaches and the excitement of heading up to Scotland and it’s made even better for me by the lack of phone signal and remoteness of the places we stay. We get to go back to basics, have a break from our screens, read, play board games..and the best part is, Toby can come with us because Scotland is a super dog friendly holiday! 

He has the time of his life whenever we venture up north – there’s so many dog friendly cottages to choose from with endless fields to bound around in, waves to catch in the sea and cosy fires to cuddle up in front of at the end of a long day.

This, is Toby’s Scottish Adventure…

DAY 1:

Mummy and Daddy are packing suitcases again and they’re packing mine too – I wonder where we’re going!

I’ve got my own little bag for when we go away filled with a special water bowl that stop my long ears getting wet, my grain free dog food, my favourite lead and those little black bags that mummy likes to collect my poops in. Weird.

We stop at loads of different places on our drive and I get lots of mini walks around the grassy bits and drinks of water. I like riding in the car…except when we end up up at the vets!

Mummy said it took us 6 hours to get there but I snoozed most of the way, and I finally get to see where we’re staying for the next week – it’s a beautiful big dog friendly cottage in the mountains called Glendaruel!

We have big sofas for me to secretly jump on, a fire for me to lie beside, a huge forest for me to explore and lots of human treats in the kitchen for me to steal. My best friend Freya is here too so we can play together all week long! I’m even going to let her share my favourite ball. Maybe.

dog friendly cottages scotland

DAY 2:

We’re going to the beach today and I can’t wait, I’m bouncing at the door! Mummy and Daddy made sandwiches and packed up the car ready for a day on the sand and Uncle Simon even let me borrow his frisbee! Wowee!

I love the sea, even if it is a little bit chilly and I could swim for hours and hours! Freya and I chased the frisbee in and out of the sea until we were covered in sand and very wet, but we still didn’t give up. Mummy says she’s going to buy me one to play with when we get home.

I even went digging for sticks – what a day!

DAY 3:

It was a really sunny morning in Scotland today so we spent time relaxing at the cottage as it was a bit too hot for walks. Daddy sat drinking his coffee in the courtyard and got a very red face.

In the afternoon the weather got a bit cooler so we could go out exploring in the woods…I already had my ball ready, just in case!

dog friendly holidays scotland

I chased my ball for ages (I was really fast!), saw some sheep who’d just had a haircut and paddled in the stream.

Mummy and Daddy played pooh sticks on a big bridge and then we came home so I could have a nap while they poured a highland gin and read a few chapters of their books. It sounded boring to me but I was very tired and like snoozing at their feet.

DAY 4:


Today I went on a ferry for the very first time!

You’re allowed to take cars on a ferry, but we walked on with our paws instead so we could stroll around the town on the other side and watch out for Dolphins in the sea!


I didn’t see any fish but I sniffed the air and it was very salty.

On the other side we went to a pub and I ate some treats in the sunshine. Lots of people came up to pet me and on the way back to the ferry we saw some lobsters in a tank.

Mummy and Daddy had a beer and some ice cream at the pub and I even got to finish their cone for being a good boy.

DAY 5:

Today we went out for lunch and I met some goats!

On the way there we stopped at a viewpoint which was really high up and very beautiful. It would take a long time to walk down to the water so we hopped back in the car instead.

At lunchtime mummy and daddy had a big bowl of mussels and some ginger beer in the sunshine and I was very good and sat next to them the whole time….with the help of some of my favourite treats!

After lunch we walked around the farm and I met some goats. I’d never seen goats before and they made some very strange noises, but I think we were friends. They had funny beards.

DAY 6: 

Today we went on a huge walk and we even found a waterfall!

I found a giat stick that was even bigger than me but mummy and daddy said I wasn’t allowed to bring it inside. I hope another dog finds it on their travels and enjoys carrying it around like I did.

Once we got back home I had a bath and then it was time to pack our suitcases for the drive back home in the morning. I was very tired – even though I didn’t want to admit it – and I had lots of lovely dreams about all the fun we had on holiday!

I adore heading up to Scotland with Toby – we had such a wonderful time and he was good as gold…apart from eating someone’s sock back at the cottage when we weren’t looking!

It’s so lovely to be able to take him away with us and watch him experience all of these new things! Here’s to our next trip!

Tell me: do you travel with your pets?