5 Tips To Survive The Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide


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Those of you who have been reading for a while will know that last year I took on the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide, one of the toughest workout programmes you can buy and also one of the most popular! The guide completely transformed my body in less than 8 weeks and I have never felt fitter but it was also SO incredibly tough I nearly gave up at a number of points!

Here are my top 5 tips to survive the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide for those who are brave enough to give it a go!!!


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1. Plan Your Week to Suit YOU

In the guide there is an example diary of how you could structure your week on the guide. The plan is to alternate a Kayla workout with a LISS session (find out more about LISS here) and have one rest day. The example goes something like this:

Monday – Kayla

Tuesday – LISS

Wednesday – Kayla

Thursday – LISS

Friday – Kayla

Saturday – LISS

Sunday – Rest

This actually worked quite well for me but it won’t work for everyone. If you already have a gym class that’s cardio based on Monday then shift your days around and use that as a LISS workout. If you tend to go for  a long walk on Sunday afternoon after lunch then make Saturday or Monday your rest day. Figure out a pattern that works for you and go with that, no one programme will suit every person – we all have lives and with a bit of juggling fitness can fit in around that!9f6d3f0b7cc5815ca092e197318caa6d

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2. Drink Plenty of Water

This one’s a bit of a no brainer but it’s one that we all forget from time to time. Those days where you feel groggy, fuzzy, tired, unmotivated – most of the time that’s because you haven’t been drinking enough. These workouts are TOUGH and if you’re doing them properly you’ll be sweating buckets! Not replacing those fluids is a baaaad move and you’ll physically and mentally regret it FAST. Get that water intake up and make sure you’re totally hydrated all day long. On The Blog Today | xameliax.com | Yesterday we were talking healthy and tasty chicken salad recipes, and today we've got a summer holiday quiz with ...what are you waiting for! ☀️

3. Plan Your Meals and Get Creative

I have the HELP guide (Kayla’s meal plan) as well as the workout guide and I found it so useful to help understand the types of food and quantities I needed to fuel my body. It doesn’t shy away from good fats, variety or taste and it was incredibly helpful when I started my fitness journey. I never followed the guide day by day, but I did take what I’d learned and do my own menus using Kayla’s principles. I would prep my lunches the night before and put them in the fridge and I’d plan all of our evening meals for the week ahead to prevent any last-minute panic eating or takeaway ordering! Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring, just look for new recipes online and keep things changing!


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4. Don’t Beat Yourself Up Over a Bad Day or Missed Workout

This is a tough one but oh so important to remember. You’re trying your best and there will be a few slip ups along the way – that’s totally normal. When they happen, be kind to yourself and pick it up the next day. Don’t beat yourself up or throw away the rest of the week or worse your whole fitness journey just because you ate a slice of cake or missed a Kayla workout! It’s hard to be happy when someone is being mean to you all the time…especially if that person is you!Giuliana Rancic Gets Fit With Zumba Toning

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5. Do It To Get Fit Not To Get Thin

If you’re following the Kayla Itsines BBG you’re pretty much guaranteed to see results this programme WORKS. However in my experience it’s best to see this as a fitness and well-being journey rather than a weight loss one as setting out just to lose weight can be a slippery slope. Instead of agonizing over those lost lbs, write down the number of push ups you can do before you start to feel the burn and watch yourself get stronger, or set a personal best for the number of times you can get through each round and set to beat it each time. Don’t obsess over the number on those scales because this programme and you as a person are so much more than that. YOU GOT THIS.


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