16 Struggles You’ll Only Understand If You Use MyFitnessPal

New Year. New Me. We’ve all said it and chances are most of us have decided to take a step towards healthier living and moving more. Gone are those Friday night takeaways with an entire bottle of wine (or two!) or those boozy Saturday lunches with the girls, we are ON IT and feeling great! To help us keep track of all the food we’re shovelling (or not as the case may be) into our bodies we’ve downloaded MyFitnessPal to count calories and help us stay strong when the biscuit tin calls. But the smoothie isn’t always greener on the fitness side, here are 16 struggles you’ll only understand if you’re a MyFitnessPal junkie!
1. You start to look for restaurants with calories on their menu to make logging easier
– that means McDonalds is back in the running!captain-jack-gif
2. You never realised just how many calories were in those ‘healthy’ snacks you’ve been munching on
– cereal bar, how could you do this to me?!a_healthy_well_balance_diet-102246
3. When you go for a walk around the block just so you can have an extra portion of pasta with your dinner
– Just 5 more miles and we can have pudding too!7
4. That sinking feeling of regret when you realise you’ve only got 100kcals for Sunday to stay on track for the week
– thanks office cupcake for Sandra’s birthday, thanks a lot.Cupcake Evil Look
5. You join a gym just so you can eat more calories in a day
– screw you lower risk of major illnesses, I’m only here for the garlic bread.New-girl-jess-gym-gif
6. The time it takes to sync to your fitness tracker and reveal how much more food you can eat after your workout is agonising
– come oooonnnn, come ooonnnn, I must have burnt off at least 500kcals with that 10minute walk around tescos on my lunch break.kept-waiting-hp_zpscdebb42e
7. You reason with yourself over breakfast in order to save calories for extra cheese on your dinner
– just a banana and a black coffee for me please
8. All mealtimes are now spent frantically trying to accurately match the food you’re eating to the weird and wonderful Myfitnesspal database
– would you say Sainsbury’s taste the difference broccoli has the same calories per 100g as Aldi’s? baby-gifconfused-gifidkgood-luck-charlie
9. If you’re in the UK and don’t measure in cups and oz’s you’re stuffed
10. When you start putting in all the food you think you’ll eat for the rest of the week just so you can figure out if that chocolate bar or glass of wine will skew your weekly average
– If I only eat lettuce and dust for the next three days I’ll still come in under my daily average calorie goal…pass the bottle opener!
11. When you see someone else has more daily calories than you just because they’re a bit taller or have a penis
– Why does the world hate me right now.
12. The depression when you realise you’ll never be able to enjoy a Chinese takeaway with several bottles of wine again and avoid those red numbers
– if you manage to get through a whole week with no red on your graph then you need to leave. No-one wants you here. nooooooo_elf
13. You start to wonder if you can just not tell the app and the calories won’t exist
– If a chocolate cakes falls into my mouth and MyFitnessPal doesn’t hear it, do the calories still happen? 
14. When you’re 30kcals over your target at the end of the day so you start going through what else you’ve eaten that day and knocking off calories to bring you back into the green
– You totally over-estimated that double macchiato with extra cream earlier, I’m pretty sure it’s only about 50kcals MAX. 
15. The pure anger and heartbreak when the app smugly tells you you’ll still be fat in 5 weeks time thanks to that one slice of pizza you had at dinner
– Thanks a lot MyFitnessPAL, more like MyFitnessRipYourHeartOutAndStampOnIt.
16. But when you start to see a difference and can smugly put up that ‘I’ve lost 2lbs status’ it makes it all worthwhile
– although your MyFitnessPal friend’s better click ‘like’ otherwise it was all for nothing.  
What are your MyFitnessPal struggles?
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