Urban Decay Naked 3 Vs Naked Smokey

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One is full of beautifully soft pink and gold tones and the other is filled with stunning dark charcoals and deep browns – Urban Decay’s newest Naked Palettes really do have something for everyone, but which one are you?!

The first Urban Decay Naked palette I collected was their Naked 2, a real classic and filled with 12 shimmering neutral shades perfect for my skin tone and colour palette. Next I got my mitts on the Naked 1*, similar to it’s sister with a different range of neutral browns and shimmering taupes. I then went for the Naked Basics, a smaller palette filled with neutral matte colours and still by far my favourite eye shadow kit in the drawer. All three are similar in shades but wonderfully different at the same time, as a trio they pretty much corner the brown/neutral eye shadow market!

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It’s Urban Decays two latest additions to the Naked family that really break the mould – The Naked 3* and their newest Naked Smokey* Palette. They couldn’t be more different and I just can’t decide which one I love best! From day to night, pretty in pink to pretty in punk which side are you on?

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Filled with shimmering pinks, rose golds, bronzes and warm browns the Naked 3 is the most feminine of the set. I was a little unsure about this one because ‘I’m not really a pink girl’ but I’ve been proved totally wrong since it arrived on my doorstep and it’s become my go-to palette for Autumn days. With only two super pink shades the rest of the shadows are of a beautifully warm brown and taupe tone perfect for creating Autumn gold lids with a warmer brown smoke.

All the colours in the UD Naked 3 blend expertly well (did we expect anything less?) and work in harmony together but I find myself for the first time in a long time just using one colour all over with a bit of brown liner and that’s it! The colours hold themselves so well they really don’t need much so if you’re after soft and feminine every day shades that can be applied in a flash then this is the palette for you.

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The Naked Smokey palette couldn’t be more different to it’s predecessor with cold grey and dark blue blacks, another reason why I wasn’t sure if this one would be for me. I love warm shades on my eyes (unless we’re talking eyeliner and in that case I like it as dark as the night!) and I was worried this palette would be a little too chilly for me. But actually surrounding the dark winter greys and and blues in the palettes middle are some beautifully blendable browns and neutrals. With four matte shades on one end and three delightfully bright browns on the other the Naked Smokey palette has the perfect mix to create that stunning smokey eye you’re looking for in every shade.

Since it dropped through my door this has been my go-to palette for evenings out or for a smokey day with the lighter browns and it’s completely won me over. If you like a smokey eye then the clues in the name and this palette is for you, but don’t be put off by the colder shades if you like things a little warmer because this one’s got something for everyone.

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You can buy all the Naked Palettes (including the new On The Go and Naked Flushed) on the Urban Decay website here

Which is your favourite Naked Palette? Are you a Naked 3 or Nakes Smokey girl?

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