What Exactly Is Multi-masking and Why We Should All Be Doing It

What Is Mutimasking (1)

Ok, ok, so face masks are never pretty and really should be confined to a cosy night in on your own instead of plastered all over the internet. But there’s a new trend that everyone’s talking about that needs to be shared: Multi-masking!

In a nut shell, Multi-masking is putting different face masks on different areas of your face depending on what the skin needs and what the masks do – super simple!

But does Multi-masking really work and should we all be doing it?

What Is Mutimasking (2)

Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Charcoal Mask* For deep cleaning and unclogging pores | Decleor Hydra Floral Multi Protection Expert Mask* For plumping skin around the eyes | Merumaya Pure Radiance Mask* – For enhanced radiance and glow 

Being a seasoned beauty blogger my bathroom cupboards are filled with face masks and beauty products from a multitude of brands. Having problem skin I try out a lot of skincare and anything that claims to help banish blemishes, sooth redness and generally just perk my 27 year old skin up when sleep has evaded me or it’s been a particularly long week!

I don’t know anyone who has the same skin issues all over their face – we’ve normally got problem areas, dry patches or oily t-zones that need treating with different products, so why should one face mask fit all…of your face? For me my problem areas are – large clogged pores on my cheeks and nose, oily t-zone, dark under eye circles and dullness under my cheek bones and around the edge of my face. So putting my deep cleanse charcoal mask on my lower cheeks really isn’t going to do anything, nor is putting my Radiance mask on my nose. With Multi-masking I’m able to target oily areas with a mask to cleanse and dry and brighten up and dullness in other areas with another mask! It’s brilliantly simple, and pretty darn obvious – I don’t know why it’s not being ‘a thing’ before!

So next time you feel like a face mask give the new multi-masking trend a go – it’s the future, trust me!

Do you Multi-mask? What are your favourite face mask combos?

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