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morphy richards easy blend

Morphy Richards Easy Blend

I while back I asked for blender recommendations on twitter as I wanted to start making my own smoothies and our kitchen blender is nearly as old as me! I had a lot of suggestions but the one that caught my eye was the Morphy Richards Easy Blend that @Kele_MB suggested coming in at under £25 and looking pretty darn snazzy, so I placed my order and waited patiently for it to arrive.

Let’s start by saying this, I’m so lazy when it comes to washing up that having a giant blender to clean out every day would drive me insane. It’s this reason that was the main factor for me choosing the Easy Blend as you actually take the blender with you! With a quick change of lids the barrel of the blender becomes your takeaway cup so you can mix, blend and drink all from one compartment meaning all you have to wash up is your cup when you’re done and the two lids – one drinking, one blending! I couldn’t believe how easy it was to use (the clue really is in the name with this one) and it masters frozen fruit and ice cubes like a pro, it’s a really great find.


I’ve been putting pictures of my daily creations on instagram (@xameliax) and a lot of you have been asking for recipes but my big secret is that I don’t actually use any – most days I just shove a load of fruit in, top up with almond milk and cross my fingers it tastes ok, and so far *touch wood* they all have! So I thought I’d share the fruit and veg I usually throw in my Morphy (with approximate calories) that are all interchangeable to make your very own custom smoothie:

 Staple Ingredients:

1 Banana (100kcals)

1 Peach (60kcals)

1 Kiwi (40kcals)

Handful Fresh Strawberries (30kcals)

Handful of Frozen Mango (80kcals) – found in sainsburys!

Handful Frozen Raspberries/Mixed Berries (10-20kcals)

Morphy Richards Easy Blend

Extra Goodness:

Handful Spinach (20kcals)

Handful of Blueberries (40kcals)

Blended with:

400ml Unsweetened Almond Milk (50kcals)

1-2 Tablespoons Alpro Plain Yoghurt (50kcals)Morphy Richards Easy Blend

Usually mine consist of a banana and a two portions of frozen fruit (to keep your smoothie nice and cold) topped up with unsweetened almond milk and if I’m in the mood for a bit of extra goodness I’ll throw in some blueberries and spinach to boost up the anti-oxidants.  The Easy Blend is great as it comes with two takeaway cups so you could make one for breakfast and one for lunch if you wanted to but be careful, the calories and sugar soon add up even though it’s just innocent and healthy fruit! I’ve been enjoying one of my natural fruit smoothies every morning since I bought my easy blend and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever purchased for the kitchen, I absolutely love it and at under £25 it’s a complete bargain too! Here’s to many more smoothie creations and smashing that 5-a-day goal before the clock even strikes 10!

Morphy Richards Easy Blend

Do you Smoothie? What’s your favourite concoction?

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