The Book of Mormon Review

the book or mormon review
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The Book of Mormon Review

My name’s xameliax. And I would like to share with you the most amazing play…
(Promise me when you’ve seen the show you’ll pop back here and appreciate that first line. Thanks.)

The Mormons are officially on tour and have made their way to the Birmingham Hippodrome with their incredibly offensive and fantastically funny musical – The Book of Mormon. Those without a dark sense of humour need not apply for this 9 tony award winning musical from the makers of South Park and Avenue Q.

the book or mormon review

The Book of Mormon follows the story of two young missionaries in Uganda attempting to convert the African people to the Mormon religion. But their struggle becomes real when the missionaries discover that life in Africa is a little harder than in Salt Lake City and getting their required number of baptisms may not be as easy as they first thought!

The songs are offensive, the whole production is wonderfully camp and the second half just gets a little bit weird in places – but these are all reasons why this musical absolutely rocks! It’s side-splittingly funny and really makes you think too, approaching quite hard hitting issues without the audience realising a first. There’s quite a few C bombs, lots of F bombs and blasphemy throughout, but my Arnold it’s a gooden. A very clever satirical look on the world of religion…south park style.

the book or mormon review

I couldn’t write a book of mormon review without a special shout out to the cast that stood out for me on stage. Connor Peirson completely knocks it out the park with his role as Elder Cunningham, he’s quite simply hilarious. If you’re ever unsure of where to look, look for Elder Cunningham because he’s always there doing something funny. Will Hawksworth as Elder McKinley was also amazing – especially during my favourite song Turn it Off!

All in all The Book of Mormon completely knocks it out the park. The songs are hilarious, the set is awesome, the story flows and keeps you interested throughout and the humour is second to none.

This fantastically offensive piece of theatre is one of my absolute faves so if you’re funny bones can handle the heat, you’re definitely going to want to catch it while you can!

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