Avenue Q UK Tour

Kate Monster
Last night was press night for the UK tour of Avenue Q – a musical I’ve been wanting to see for years but never got the chance until now! With handheld muppet-style puppets Avenue Q is a musical like no other – with songs like ‘Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist’ ‘ The Internet Is For Porn’ and a fair bit of puppet nudity it’s not for the faint hearted…needless to say we loved it!
There isn’t a great deal of storyline to avenue Q but somehow it still works – we spend our time watching Princeton a university graduate trying to find his purpose in life along with others who live on the avenue learning life lessons and new words along the way.
 Avenue Q
There’s a lot of swearing, rudeness and brazen ripoffs of Sesame Street – it had us in stitches the whole way through, and I’m talking laugh out loud giggles. Crudeness aside the voices of the actors controlling the puppets were incredible! Sarah Harlington as Kate Monster (and Lucy the Slut) blew me away as did Stephen Arden and Richard Lowe. The puppets were adorable, staging incredibly clever and even though it all really shouldn’t have worked (adults prancing around on stage holding puppets in a children’s show stylee?) it really really did. Watch out for the bad idea bears, they’re hilarious – I think we’ve all had a visit from them at some point in our lives!
 Trekkie Monster
We laughed until our cheeks were sore and I even found myself getting emotional in places – Avenue Q really is an amazing night out with your friends and if you like your humour a little dark then this ones for you!
Have you seen Avenue Q? Is this your kind of musical?
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