How to Get That Perfect Overhead Shot & Film Videos From Above

overhead shot

Ever wondered how people get that perfect overhead shot for their photos or filming on youtube?

I’m here to show you my super simple (and very cheap!) DIY birds eye view camera set up you can use at home.

Ideal for craft videos, nail tutorials or overhead photos!

Overhead Shot Set Up

What You’ll Need:

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Overhead Camera Clamp Tripod for Mobile Phones
Overhead Camera Clamp for Cameras
Studio Ring Light
Overhead LED Strip Light
Smaller second light source
White Reusable Background

As you can see, the birds eye set up is actually incredibly easy to do. You can get this up and running for less than £40 to create beautiful tutorial videos or an overhead shot of your art.

You can use this top down filming set up with both a small point and shoot camera, a DSLR or even just with your iphone. For my nail art tutorials I always use my phone and the quality is great!

Having a reusable background is also a great way to get beautifully crisp videos or shots. You can do this with rolls of wallpaper from your local DIY store, or simply use a big white sketch pad that will catch any spills! You can then just rip off a new sheet or cut off the end of your wallpaper roll and always have a fresh clean background to work with.

Getting the lighting right is also really important for the perfect overhead shot. You may want to use two light sources to remove any shadows or angle your main light directly above the area you’re working on. Just watch out for shadows from your camera if you’re working this way.

It’s trial and error really until you get the perfect position for the project you’re working on!

Hopefully this video has been helpful for you to get the perfect overhead shot! Why not pin it for later?


overhead shot