Detox and Cleanse In Whole New Way | Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Charcoal Wash and Mask

I have quite large pores on my cheeks that get blocked very easily especially when exercising a lot in warm weather. I find sometimes even with my Clarisonic it can be quite hard to get my skin completely  clean so I occasionally need to reach for something a bit more heavy duty. Boots have released a new range of Tea Tree and Witch Hazel skincare products with active charcoal to help detox the skin leaving it feeling super clean and clear and I’ve been testing them out!

Their new Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Active Charcoal Facial Wash* and Face Mask* come in simple packaging that are easy to handle and fit right in on your shelf of every day face products, however both are jet black when you squeeze them out and they gave me a bit of a shock when I slapped them on my face! You only need the tiniest bit of the face wash to get a good lather on and although it looks a bit scary it’s easily rinsed away with a warm flannel leaving your skin incredibly clean. For me I found I needed to use an oil afterwards as it did leave parts of my face feeling a little dry but for a good old pore cleanout it’s amazing.

I tend to use the mask once a week and I love it. It doesn’t dry down completely and crack like a clay mask (which for some reason I expected) but it’s easily applied and left for 10 minutes before again rinsing off with a flannel to reveal perfect pores and a very clean feeling behind. I’m really impressed with both of the products and they have an incredible price point too. I would have never thought to put Charcoal on my face but I’m a total convert – a great little skincare duo that work well and won’t break the bank.

You can find the new range on the Boots website here starting form just £2.87 as an introductory offer!


Have you tried any Boost Skincare? Would you pick these up next time you’re in and give them a go?


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