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Cheats victory rolls tutorial

Cheats victory rolls tutorial

The easiest way to create Victory Rolls – the cheat’s way! 

Watch my Victory Rolls Tutorial where I show you how to create this Vintage Victory Roll Up-do in under 5 minutes no matter how long your hair is – and all you’ll need is two bobby pins and a couple of hair bobbles!

I love to wear my hair like this when i’m in the office and want to get my fringe out of my eyes. It’s also really great to wear when you’re a day away from hair wash time and want something a bit different to the usual ponytail! If your hair is on the thin side and you’re struggling to get the height you want – gently tease it with a comb or use a bit of dry shampoo at the roots to give it a bit more hold and roll away! You can use hairspray to secure your new vintage look but it should hold all on it’s own and last as long as you do.

If you’re feeling extra creative, why not use a hair doughnut to create your low chignon bun at the back for extra vintage chiq, or even roll your hair underneath and add a hairnet – the victory roll world is your oyster with this one!


Tweet me a picture of your Vintage Up-do using my Victory Roll Tuorial @xameliax if you give it a go!